Firstly we need to understand what basically the metabolism is? 
The combining of nutrients with the oxygen to release sufficient energy that our body requires for the proper functioning, this process is known as metabolism. Another term that we often listen is metabolic rate, it refers to the amount of calories that our body needs to perform the minimal processes like breathing, eating and other physical or mental activities. 

Food that we eat is the main source of providing the calories to our body in the form of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Our metabolic rate is affected by a variety of factors that enables us to determine the body weight.  Nowadays, many apps are developed like (MyPlate calorie tracker) to keep track of your calories that is just similar to keep track of your children through mspy reviews. If your goal is to lose weight then it is crucial to know how metabolism plays role.

Metabolism and weight loss
As metabolism is directly related to the amount of calories you burn. Higher the rate of metabolism, more chances to burn calories that result in weight loss. This is how metabolism affects the body weight. Some people have high metabolic rate naturally, but most people have to struggle to maintain the metabolic rate as this is common for hypothyroid patients. 

Muscle mass influences the metabolism
Our body is composed of bone, organs and muscles i.e. lean mass and fat. More the muscle mass on your body, higher will be the rate of metabolism at rest or while performing routine tasks. This can be observed through the differences in the muscle mass of men’s and women’s. Men possess high metabolic rate due to more muscle than woman.

Have you ever noticed! Why people after thirty starts gaining weight? The reason is that, the mass on your body starts declining due to which the metabolic rate slows down and you start gaining weight. As metabolic rate is somehow depends upon the genetics but after thirty it does not matters.