Test X180 Ignite is a powerful free-testosterone-boosting supplement for guys. It’s designed to help you burn fat and build muscle in the gym, as well as increase libido and performance. Those who have used it consider its formula a breakthrough because of how well it works with respect to increasing free testosterone and providing the additional benefits previously mentioned.

Burn Fat and Boost Free Testosterone at the Same Time

Unlike most supplements, Test X180 Ignite is made from ingredients that help boost free testosterone and burn fat at the same time. This works through a matrix of ingredients that focus on these two properties.

The first is the Manliness Ignition Matrix, which is composed of Testofen®, an extract that comes from fenugreek seed. The matrix is also composed of other extracts, all of which work toward improving male vitality, making you feel more energetic and with heightened senses of masculinity.

The second part of the formula focuses on fat burning. It features EGCG and caffeine, to help increase your body's natural ability to burn fat through thermogenesis.

Test X180 Ignite: Ingredients that Work

While all that sounds great, what sort of ingredients is Test X180 Ignite using exactly? You should not worry since all the ingredients have been carefully selected by the team at Force Factor, the product’s manufacturer.

The Manliness Ignition matrix includes Testofen® as mentioned above, along with green tea, avena sativa, and horny goat week extracts. These extracts have qualities that are said to increase libido and energy levels in men.

The fat burning matrix includes green tea leaf, caffeine, green coffee, and white tea extracts. While they are metabolism boosters on their own, this particular combination is especially effective.

Positive Reviews We’ve Discovered

Of course, you do not have to take our word for it. There are tons of reviews by professional bodybuilders and regular Joes alike who have nothing but positive things to say about Test X180 Ignite. Rob Miller from Supplement Critique personally attests to its effectiveness, noting that it has helped him keep up with younger guys.

Trying Test X180 Ignite for Yourself

With convenience in mind, if you’re out and about reading this right now, the best place to get Test X180 Ignite is of course your nearest vitamin and supplement retailer, like GNC, The Vitamin Shoppe, or Walmart.

If you are shopping online, head on over to Bodybuilding.com. However, your best choice will be the manufacturer's own website, which offers fast shipping and worry-free returns.

The Final Word on Test X180 Ignite

We’ve used Test X180 Ignite and can vouch for its effectiveness. Not only has it made us feel more energetic throughout the day, it provided an extra burst of energy in the gym which could be felt on leg days. Recovery the day after those intense workouts was more tolerable as well. We highly recommend Test X180 Ignite from Force Factor. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!