Some people assume yoga to be a physical science, the knowledge and learning of which can be accessed anytime and anywhere, even on a Television airing the Morning Yoga show. Well, obviously they have not yet encountered the actual spirit of this ancient marvel and the infinite treasures it holds that surely cannot be unlocked by an individual watching a multimedia or going to just any studio at any corner of the world. 

Yoga is a deeply sacred art form that denotes the unification of the three essential powers of the creation – physical, mental, and spiritual. Without the presence of one, the other would simply cease to exist in its full potential. The physical aspect of this science is just one fold of it. The other two comprise the soul of yoga just as much. There is no holding back in pointing out the fact that knowledge and taste are two talents that are most intensively attained at the point of origin. Yoga teacher training India is one such unparalleled experience, the source of which cannot be acquired anywhere else but the very land of its birth. 

A Yoga Teacher Training experience shapes a Yogi’s evolution into a great Yoga Teacher and a keen practitioner. Selecting a YTT program that is excellent in each sphere is a requirement and not a luxury for the serious ones. Yoga in India is a prayer offering and only meant for the ones who are curious about exploring the infinite layers of this majestic science.  

Welcome Authentic Teaching of the Science

As the motherland of Yoga that has been birthing and nurturing the greatest Yogis and the purest culture of Yoga and Spirituality since thousands of years, the country blesses an aspiring yogi with the most authentic learnings of the science in physical, mental, and spiritual form. Whether you go to a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, Kerala, or Mysore – the country fills a sense of belonging in the heart and soul of its visitors, even the beginners. This is where you capture the actual essence and spirit of the art form in its full vigor.  

Earn the Privilege to Learn from the Yoga Gurus and Experts

The womb of India has carried the globe’s greatest Yogis, Gurus, and Spiritualists for eras now. These sages and yogis have continued the legacy by transferring the knowledge and wisdom of the science to the future generations. Getting the opportunity to learn under these masters and experts, who have devoted their lives in the shadow of the finest Yogacharyas, only to emerge as skilled teachers themselves, is completely priceless and must not be missed. 

Gain Traditional Experiences of the Art along with Recognized Education

Whether you go to a Yoga Retreat in India or a Yoga TTC, one thing that each certified Yoga School in India assures is for its students to not only receive traditional practical and theoretical experiences of the science but these experiences are also combined with a training that is globally certified so that the graduating Yogis can go back home unshackled and free to serve anywhere across the globe as licensed yoga practitioners and teachers. 

Undergo Positive Transformation at the Yoga-Symbolic Locations   

As the land of cultural and geographical diversity, India is actually streamlined with picture-perfect locations across all its major regions. Not just authentic Yoga, you also find yourself learning in the blessings of Mother Nature during the program here. From the glorious Himalayas to the glittering backwaters, and silvery beaches – the country has it all and caters to everyone’s taste. Rishikesh, Kerala, Dharamshala, Mysore, Khajuraho, Goa, and many more comprise the list of the most yoga-symbolic locations on the globe.  

Capture a Blend of Quality Yoga Teacher Training and Affordability  

If you are looking for Yoga Teacher Training without emptying the pocket-book that is just as real and excellent then there is no other place than India. With a host of greatest Yoga Schools offering fine Yoga education to the fact that India is quite an inexpensive country on its own, a Yoga TTC India becomes very much affordable for most aspirants. Additionally, the country strongly believes in the science of Karma Yoga. Hence, you can find a number of certified yoga schools here that offer various Yoga TT Scholarship programs to the deserving candidates from financially weaker segment for them to graduate as qualified yogis without worrying about the ‘affordability’ factor. These scholarship programs are held all over the country on a timely basis.

Undergo positive transformations of the mind, body, and spirit as you connect and reconnect within during the Yoga Training program in India. Do not forget to choose the ideal Yoga TT program in India according to the choice of Yoga style and level of your learning. 

Practice and the rest shall come.      

Author bio- Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveler in India. He is currently working with The Yoga Alliance affiliated school organizes a number of Yoga events such as Yoga teacher training India, Yoga workshops, Retreats, Pranayama training, etc.