More than 420 million of people in the world live with diabetes. Can you imagine this? 8,5% of world population suffer from this incurable disease.

And in the USA the situation is even worse. According with ‘US national diabetes statistics report’, there are 30 million of US citizens who have diabetes in 2017. And more than 84 million have pre-diabetes. Every year diabetes is a direct or indirect cause of 100 000 deaths in the USA.

Insulin is the medicine, which helps diabetics to have a normal life. But in the US drugstores it’s very expensive. Single dose of this hormone costs some about 50 dollars. It means that one diabetic spends 400 dollars per month. But why is insulin so expensive?

The truth about prices on insulin

There is the one simple cause, why insulin drugs are so expensive in the USA. It lays in methods of insulin production.

US insulin is chemically synthesized. Pharmacies create a large amount of human hormone analogues, but their production price is high.

In Canada, for example, insulin is produced from cattle pancreas. That’s the older way to get it, but it is still advantageous. Pharmacies just derive insulin without changing its chemical structure. Quality of cattle insulin by no aspects concedes to chemical one. It is perfectly accepted by human body. Just 1 from 300 diabetics has side effects.

Now let’s have a closer look to insulin prices. In the USA an average diabetic spends on insulin around 4800 dollars per year. But in Canada this amount is much less and is 2200 dollars. It means that cost of insulin in Canada is more than 2 times less. That is fine saving, isn’t it?

Is it convenient and safe to order insulin abroad?

Buying insulin in Canada is absolutely safe if you order it on reliable site. But lots of people ask about legality of such order. It is high time to clarify all of these questions.

Ordering medicine from abroad is legal if these drugs are not prohibited to use in the USA. According to US Food and Drug Administration, insulin is free to use and buy, but to make an order from abroad, you may be asked for a prescription from your doctor.

Canadian laws also allow to sell insulin to foreign countries. So you can be sure that you’d have no problems with customs. You have just pay the tax for a package, and that’s all.

It’s pretty easy to make an order. Just visit, fill the application form and set the type of medicine you need. You can check all of documents and certificates which allow the company to sell medicine.

Next you have to enter the amount of packs and pay for it. Important! Try to make a pretty large order, because it would come to you in 1.5–2 months.

Get high quality insulin from the most reliable canadian pharmacies. It would save you a few thousands dollars a year. Be health and good luck to you!