Winter is here, which means that the days are getting chillier, the sun is setting earlier, blankets and candles are being pulled out of cupboards and hot chocolate is making its annual comeback. 

Winter also means that your wardrobe needs some freshening up too, especially since it is arguably the most stylish time of year. To stay warm and look cute all season long, here are some essential winter accessories that you need to get as soon as possible.

The tried and trusty warm hat

Nothing says winter like a warm hat—especially one that can be paired with any outfit. Go with a cute slouchy knit beanie that will not only make you look casual chic but will also keep your ears warm. Plus, not only will the right hat elevate your style, you can also use it to hide unruly hair. Hey, it sometimes happens when dry winter weather wreaks havoc on our tresses. Or maybe the bedhead is because you woke up too late for work…that’ll be our little secret.  

Bring on all of the thick scarves and shawls

Anyone can rock a scarf, and luckily they are the easiest winter accessory to work into your wardrobe. That said, there are definitely some styles that are not trendy this year, such as thin scarves that will make you look like a popstar. Leave the Britney-inspired fashion in the past, and focus on this year’s scarf trends. Shop for thicker, wider scarves from Charlotte Russe that have been the scarf-of-choice for years now. Oversized shawls are also super popular, as they are super comfortable, practical and look fantastic when paired with some skinny jeans and ankle boots. Plus, if you work in a cold office, a shawl basically makes it socially acceptable to walk around with a blanket.

Faux fur…everywhere

Faux fur has been one of the hottest trends this year, with the look popping up everywhere – from trims on purses to full-on coats. Before we go any further though, we are talking faux fur here, so make sure to check into whatever brand that you are thinking about buying from, and make sure that no animals were harmed in the making of their products. Once you know who to buy from—hint, hint, check out—look for things like cool jackets with faux fur trim on the hoods and clutches with fake fur accents. If you live somewhere where there is snow, you simply must get some furry snow boots. 

The 90s Are Calling and You Better Answer

If fur is a little bit too much for you, but you still want to jump on the fun texture train, be on the lookout for velvet. The throwback material has been all over the runways this season, making it the ideal material to utilize for holiday dresses (especially New Year’s Eve) and accessories. Look for things that will bring your outfit to the next level, like cute pumps in a deep plum velvet, which also happen to look super romantic and nostalgic. Plus, if you manage to score a purple velvet pantsuit or dress or skirt (or anything, to be honest), you can bring it back out for Halloween next year when you dress like Prince.

Speaking of the 90s

Velvet is not the only trend to come back from the 90s in full swing. Backpacks are back in a big way and now that winter is upon us, we could not be happier. Obviously, we do not mean those big canvas backpacks used for school or camping. We mean the smaller stylish ones made from materials like leather and corduroy (yeah, corduroy has made a comeback too). Not only do backpacks look pretty cool, they are actually pretty practical for when you want to shed that scarf or beanie and need a place to put them. 

Don’t forget themed apparel

Winter means marshmallows and presents, but it also means ugly Christmas sweater parties – and lots of them. People put some serious thought into their outfits for these parties, so you cannot simply show up in a red sweater and think it will fly. Take your time and find the perfect women’s ugly Xmas sweater. Having trouble? Grab a Tipsy Elves ugly Christmas sweater that gets party guests talking and laughing. One that will make everyone ask you, in equal parts horror and admiration, “Where in the world did you get that?”

Make this upcoming winter your most fashionable—and fun!—yet with these stylish accessories and apparel options.