The medical field has experienced numerous developments in the manufacturing of inversion tables. The main aim is to offer medical assistance to individuals suffering from spinal back pains. With the numerous brands of inversion table, one has to be cautious during purchase. Different brands possess different qualities. For effective and durable service, it is advisable to consider the below important factors during purchase.

Factors to consider during purchase of Inversion Table

Quality of the Inversion Table Frame

Good quality inversion table offers endurance during usage hence durability. The frame is one of the most important parts of an inversion table. It holds the entire weight of the user. One should ensure the frame is made from high-quality steel. This is to offer assurance to the user that during inversion, the frame will not break. A break of the frame could cause severe injuries to the delicate spine of the user.

Roller hinge plays a major role during inversion. It is responsible for the movement of the frame. One should consider inversion tables tested in mechanical stability. Heated steel hinges are highly recommended.


Safety is a key factor to consider during usage of an inversion table. This prevents the occurrence of accidents and injuries to the user. Different brands are equipped with unique safety features. A good example is the “Floor Stabilizers” made from rubber. The rubber ensures proper grip to the floor through friction. This prevents the inversion table from skidding during application of force and pressure on the steel frame. Other important safety features include ankle locks, auto-locking hinges, and vinyl side covers. These features enable easy usability of the inversion table hence efficiency.

Price factor

Depending on the specific brand of inversion table, the prices tend to vary in the market. Everyone is interested in getting the best inversion table at the most affordable price. The prices of inversion tables vary depending on the quality set by manufacturing company. Some tend to come with extra benefits and free goods such as working out DVDs. This may lead to higher value. It is advisable to compare and consult on prices. Despite the value difference, one should consider purchasing an inverted table that will offer effective and efficient service.

Available Spaces

The wider the inversion tables frame, the more stable it is. Despite this, one should consider buying a reasonable size. This depends on one's apartment space. There are two major designs recommended in reference to space.

Stationary- These tend to be huge in size. They are targeted to individuals with large available house space.

Fold-ups- These tend to be smaller enabling portability. After usage, one can easily fold it up and use the space.


The manufacturer’s offers on warranty and after sale services are vital during purchase. The durability and efficiency of an inversion table are dependent on the warranty period. Six months to two-year warranty is a sign of a poor brand. A five year and above warranty is a sign of a stronger brand.

User Inversion Table Reviews

This is considered as one of the most effective strategies to consider before purchase. Success stories by various individuals give the buyer an aspect of reality and comparison. This is through rankings by the individuals on how certain brands of inversion table have enabled their loved ones to recover.