It is said losing weight is not easy but to be true building lean muscle mass is not easy. When the body is comfortable and you won’t do anything to shake things up achieving a lean and muscular body is a distant dream. 

So if this New Year your New Year Resolution is to build lean muscles then be prepared to live a disciplined life with rigorous workout and giving unconditional love to your body. Now you may ask what is building muscle mass got to do with loving your body. 

Well, our body takes time to get used to the new routine and the process needs patience. So rather than losing hope when you reach the plateau or quitting because you are not getting results won’t give you that ripped body whose poster is probably in your room. So here are some commandments for getting a ripped this season:

Go Organic: Do not starve yourself at any cost. Seldom people who are losing weight or gaining lean muscle think that they have to eat less and workout more but that is not true. Our body needs the energy to carry out day to day functions and especially when a person is stretching his limits, he needs to eat healthy food. So cut down on fatty, processed and packaged food and opt for organic food that includes salad, fruits, sprouts, wholesome food, etc. In fact, before starting fitness regimen know your BMR level and then get a diet chart according to which you should eat.

Don’t ditch proteins: When the muscles and tissues are stretched with strenuous strength training they need to repair and relaxed. That is why proteins are essential. Our body needs double the proteins of our weight; so eat food enriched with proteins like eggs, fish, kidney beans, etc. But still, if you are not able to achieve the targeted protein requirement then add whey protein. You can get it at a discounted rate by using codes from

Strength Training and Heavy Weights: The more you add weight while training the more stretch your muscles will get. Cardio is not enough to get lean muscle mass instead you need to have a proper combination of cardio, lifting heavy weight, free weights, squats, deadlift, etc to make your body like that of a poster in your room. It is a simple mantra, harder you sweat more will be your gain.

Rest: Body needs time to repair and rejuvenate. Just like proper diet and training is essential so is resting. So take a break and sleep early at night because it is the best time for the body to relax and replenish. Also, rather than working out for 2 hours it’s better to have a rigorous session of an hour.
To conclude, getting a ripped body and leans muscle mass is not a Herculean task but it needs consistent efforts and commitment. So if you think you have got it what it takes then think no more and start working out.