Every athlete and bodybuilder has an objective – to add strength and power to their muscles as they increase in mass. Apart from buying injectable steroids online at steroidsfax.com, taking them as recommended, and eating a good diet, the gym is crucial, and one should visit a couple of times a week if not daily. 

The main focus at the gym is simple; get as lean and shredded as possible. The points below highlight some of the best strength and power building strategies that will never die. See more tips here. 

Use barbells at the beginning

Forget everything else before you start your lifting sessions and start with the barbells. It does not matter what others say about power lifting, but this is the way to start. Barbells are the best powerlifting technique of all time, and they work best when the central nervous system is not exhausted. In fact, experts usually advise that people who concentrate on barbells accumulate an enormous amount of strength and power to survive for the rest of the session. It is only after this that one can proceed with the rest of the training, like lifting reps and machine lifting for all other body parts.

Focus on the big four

For seasoned weight lifters, they may understand what this means. Just to refresh the mind of the starters and the intermediaries, the big four includes bench presses, shoulder presses, dead lifts, and squats. The beauty of focusing on these is that they combine almost all power and strength strategies for the body. Since the muscles need to stretch to gain more strength, you can rest assured that all of these exercises will provide this through their moves. However, even though they are some of the best, they should not dominate the training session.

Get into a recording habit

If you are still in the analog era, it is not a crime to bring your log book. There are many things to record during your training and strength exercises should be on the list. On the other hand, there are awesome applications that can be used either on a smartphone or a tablet which is easier to bring to workout stations. Either way, record keeping will help you monitor the progress of power and strength gains in your muscles and the body at large. If there is a need to adjust, the logs will show it, and this is the beauty of keeping such records.

Keep strength lifting simple and straightforward

Have you ever had a fitness trainer who told you to keep a certain lifting sequence? Well, truth be told, there is no advantage in doing 10 seconds up and 5 seconds down. The best method is to make your strength and power lifting simple and straightforward – lifting up and down in a consistent way. According to the seasoned weight lifters who have tried other methods, the straightforward move is easier for you and yields better results.

Consider keeping it to five reps

Power lifting is not for any other person. It is tough and can break the central nervous system if one does not do it well. However, five reps is not a bad sequence of moves, particularly for those seeking to maintain a balance between strength and performance. Irrespective of any of the big four lifts that you are doing, you will need to take five reps, then a break of a few seconds, before going to the next reps. It works perfectly both for starters and experts.

Do not overdo the strength workouts

It doesn’t matter how many years you have done this. Keeping workouts at the optimum is always the best philosophy to use. As discussed earlier, short reps of five are the best as they strike a good balance with your hormonal surges. Just like the results of whipping cream for too long, overdoing power exercises will only give poor results. The starters and intermediates usually get tempted to overdo their workouts, and this is where these insights come in handy.

Add weight gradually

Gradually increasing the weight one can lift is the anthem all weight lifters have heard and practiced. It is the best way to approach weight lifting strategy, and there is no doubt about it. So, how do you do it when you are strength training? If you are lifting any of the big four in reps of five, then you can add weight gradually every week making sure you maintain the rule of 10 percent less than your maximum weight. Making this a consistent habit will add power and strength to your muscles in a proportional way.

Consider cardio as crucial

When the central nervous system is breaking down, the cardio lets loose first. Therefore, you need to keep your cardio health in check when doing the power lifts. In fact, anyone who wants to succeed in any weight lifting needs to check their cardio first. The best approach, which has worked for centuries, is running on rough terrains like hills and valleys. However, as one continues to get more powerful and intense with their strength training, the cardio should be kept short but intense.

Sticking to the right form

Strength and power lifting can tempt you to try some shortcuts. However, there are none. When it comes to the big four, one must consider using what has been proven to work rather than what you think is right. For instance, this is how to properly do squats: make sure that the hips are pushed back, and the feet are stable on the ground. The lower back is arched with arms steady on the bar. Then squat your weight up and down five times.

Keep training balanced

It is as simple as working one side of the body similar to how you have worked the other. Power and strength training is very intense and gives clearly visible results. Therefore, lack of balance on the activities will make your body look crooked. This will derail all other training efforts that you make thereafter. In extreme cases, it may require medical attention.