Studies suggest that fitness trackers may not always aid you to weight loss. What actually works is still that good old thing you know as determination and perseverance.  Exercising, actually contributes only a little part to the overall portion of daily calorie burn you need to lose weight.

Whether your skin is flabby or you are just overweight – losing down on your weight never hurts! So, what can you do to shell out those extra kilos that have made your body their permanent home?

Most people become obese because they lose confidence in themselves and believe there is no solution to their worries – whereas the solution rests entirely with them!

It is possible to lose those significant pounds in a month - granted, the process will seem overwhelming, but you are desperately planning to lose some weight.

Here’s how you can speed up your weight loss and lose those unwanted pounds in a month or less.

Curb Calories

Cut back on those extra calories, try eating more organic food and keep a check on your calorie intake. Get rid of all those additional calories by opting for food items rich in lean proteins and nutrients that come with fewer calories. 

Make broccoli and cauliflower a part of your regular diet along with brown rice and kale. It should help reduce the calories further.

One of the best ways to eat healthy food – starts right from your kitchen. You can buy the perfect air fryer for your kitchen – it’s a great way to eat food the healthy way.  You’ve low fat meals any time, and it’s easy to clean up as well. Cook most of the things you need without oil, in just a little time.

Carbohydrate Control

Reduce your carbohydrate intake reducing intake of food items such as rice, potatoes. They are loaded with carbs, and while it is not healthy to cut out all carbs from your diet, do opt for a reduced quantity. Limit your carbohydrate intake to the bare essentials, and opt for food items loaded with dietary fiber.

Drink More Water

It should help keep those hunger pangs at bay for a while and should serve to refresh and moisturize your body. Better yet, the more water you drink, the more toxins you get to flush out of your system.
Start your day by drinking two glasses of warm water which will give you best results.

Workout Sessions

Since you are planning to cut down your weight by 10 kgs, you will be required to do more exercises to help you meet this target. You should involve at least 15 minutes of cardio workouts per day for the month. 
There are several high-intensity workouts you can opt for, and while most will stress your body, they will definitely help you shed those pounds faster than other weight loss programs. But make sure that you can stand the gruelling workout session on a regular basis without impairing your health.

Keep A Journal

Since you are planning to lose weight over a very short period of time with stringent diet and intense workout sessions, you need to monitor your progress on a daily basis. Start with a record of your daily calorie intake, the workout sessions and record your weight on a daily basis.
The journal should help you keep track of your progress, and you can review it and adjust your plan accordingly.

Drink More Smoothies

Smoothies work great so opt for one! Try a kale smoothie every day, and while the taste may get a while to get used to these smoothies should help you to speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight faster.
If you follow the plan that we discussed with dedication, you will surely be able to get rid of the unwanted fat in a month's time.

The Top Ways To Bring Around The Change

Starting your weight loss journey can be little difficult.

2016 saw different weight loss studies published. Here is what they say – you can make small changes in your lifestyle to achieve great results.  Here is how you can make a difference to your life and lose weight, without having to exercise or having to follow a strict diet regimen.

1.    Change your thinking
Yes, more often than not, people give up way too easily. Ask someone to stop eating chocolates, and they will give up on the plan the moment they eat one chocolate. It’s as if they do not have confidence in themselves that they can achieve it!

The first step to losing weight is not to lose your own confidence. Even if you do eat chocolates and make the first slip up, do not let go off the plan entirely. Rather, keep on trying.

2.    Seek advice from a pro
Well, everybody is entitled to their opinion. But if you listen to all, you are listening to none!
While others can offer advice about losing weight to you, in the end, you need to consult a professional for this. After all, it’s a pro who has studied on this aspect more than others, not your friends and relatives.

3.    Always be flexible
Yes, weight loss doesn’t depend on age - nor on any other factor. It depends on your lifestyle and some genetic factors. However, a proper lifestyle will ensure that you lose your weight and live a better life.

4.    Make a personalised plan
Needs and requirements differ for everybody. You need to take a look at what fits you and what not. While it’s great to seek advice from a pro, it’s also good to keep a check on yourself and see up to what level you can follow the pro’s advice. Keep a diary where you can keep a tab on all the slip ups you have had and any problems that you encounter. This will help you spot what the exact problems are.

5.    A great diet and multi-vitamin pills might help
A wholesome diet containing all the nutrition you need without being heavy on calorie is what you need. A dietician can help you better in this regard. Again, sticking to the plan is what the ultimate mantra is- the more your deviate from the ideal, the lesser will your result be to the ideal.   Taking walks after meals can help too.

True, there are plenty of other ways by which you can lose weight, but the crux remains the same – you need to remain true to yourself. While it’s acknowledgeable that losing weight is no mean task, you can actually bask in the glory of your success once you have done.