Ate too much this summer? Looking to get rid of fats you accumulated in the past couple of months? Who doesn’t want to get rid of unwanted weight anyway? While most vacations don’t necessarily make for an ideal setting when looking to lose weight, putting your healthy habits on the back burner for a few days while out travelling is definitely doable.

Senegal Fitness Travel. Providers like Fitness Travel Company offers itineraries for travellers that explore countries while at the same time getting in physical shape. Their Senegal adventure includes embarking on an action-packed week full of beach runs, cycles to a lion cub game reserve, kayaking, and learning African dance. Guests will eat high-protein/low-carb diet, which includes juices, fruit, vegetables, and seafood. 

Saint Lucia body holiday adventure. Saint Lucia is a luxury resort that’s centred on health and wellness with their wide range of activities and adventures available for anyone who wants to lose weight or adopt a more active lifestyle. Their adventure program includes everything from rainforest hikes to river treks, as well as the chance for you to discover parts of Saint Lucia that many don’t get to see. Moreover, visitors can participate in exercise classes on-site like a hybrid spinning and yoga routine taking place in the glass “Tree House” spin studio, golf, scuba diving, tai chi, tennis and others.

Zumba Cruise. Royal Caribbean regularly teams up with Zumba instructors to create a fitness-focused cruise that, as a plus to a fantastic tropical trip at sea, offers passengers up to 300 fitness classes and activities led by instructors (some of which are celebrities. This vacation isn’t just for Zumba fans. Anyone who wants an energising, get-in-shape retreat will find excitement and adventure aboard the Zumba boat. Plus, you can expect an experience that’s double the fun, as the ship makes stops in multiple countries.

Vieques island retreat. Headed by Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles, the W retreat and spa’s exclusive fit retreat allows its guests to choose from a three or five-day personalised escapes, all of which are led by Strala Yoga instructors. Their package includes two daily, hour-long yoga sessions, morning activities, afternoon excursions, spa treatments, and meals. All of these are designed to nourish both the body and mind.

Miami fitness training camp. None other than Curtis Williams leads this boot-camp-style fitness adventure, which offers daily workouts, paddleboard excursions and numerous group trips focused on the Miami area. It comprises a high-intensity cardio and strength training lesson that concentrates on bodyweight exercises. Guests lodge for four days and three nights’ in a beachfront resort and exercisers of all levels are asked to join.

The bottom line

A fitness vacation might be a paradox to some, but as you read above, it’s possible to enjoy travelling while helping yourself become more active and lose some weight. To ensure that you get the most out of your vacation and get peace of mind from travel hitches, it also helps to secure an affordable travel insurance ahead of your flight.

Get fit while having fun, that’s achieving two goals in one go! Have fun!