The fast-paced world of today has hundreds of demerits; lack of proper exercise is one of them. With the shrinking area of parks and playgrounds, you don't really get to see people working out in the open and opting for gyms or joining health programs to stay active.

But, poor administration takes toll at these places too and you’re left with no options that doing crunches or push-ups at home. If you like doing your workouts at home, then why limit yourself with just warm-ups, when you can strengthen each and every body part and move toward a healthier path. The answer lies in recumbent exercise bikes.

There are so many advantages of keeping a recumbent exercise bike at home. And, their growing popularity is a clear sign why you should get one too. You can not only find them at gyms, but even the leading health trainers recommend them. Also, the countless recumbent exercise bike reviews by leading health magazines are just the few things why these are known for their wholesome exercise approach. To list down, here are some of the major attributes of recumbent exercise bikes.

1.    Better support for your lower back - Recumbent bikes are easy on your lower back and improves your seating posture with time. For the rest of the time when you’re seated hunched, exercising on these stand-alone bikes improves your back. So, say bye to lower back pains and hi to better posture.

2.    Super easy on joints – When you exercise of recumbent bikes, it takes care of your joints which is crucial when you running on the ground or playing a sport. Injurious and painful impact becomes a thing of the past and induces low pressure on your ankles and knees.

3.    Big saddle - The recumbent bikes come with bigger seats, way bigger than normal bikes and other stationary bikes. This eliminates the discomfort you face while doing simple exercises. Also, it encourages larger fat removal from your buttocks.

4.    Greater adaptability – These bikes are well suited to all fitness levels. Whether you’re planning for the Great Himalayan Ride or planning to go for that weekend ride with friends, the recumbent bikes allows you to train at all levels. From kids to elderly and the regular fitness buffs, you can challenge yourself with different difficulty levels.
5.    Wholesome workout – The recumbent bikes are good to tone not just your upper body parts, but the lower half as well. Unlike the gym—goers who’ve different days marked for different exercises, you can do a wholesome workout on these bikes. You can increase your stamina for the marathon you want to complete, or train your legs for heavy squatting, it will help you with everything.

6.    Safe and multi-tasking – What’s better than doing multi-tasking and going hands free even while exercising? Read your favorite magazine or morning newspaper while working out. Plus, its super safe. As they are lower in the ground, you’re not prone to serious injuries you might get while working out in a gym or a park.