Any fitness junkie will tell you that the key to getting in shape is to stay active. You can’t complete an intensive routine and then sit on the sofa for the next few days. Any strength or body muscle that you have built up will quickly revert to fat. This is why an injury can be so damaging. An injury can put you off your feet for weeks, unable to exercise. It’s due to this that you should avoid damaging your body at all costs.

Stretch Before Exercising

Stretching isn’t just about being able to reach your full potential. When you stretch, you warm up your muscles. This reduces the possibility that you might strain a muscle or tear a ligament while exercising. Two injuries that are incredibly common and easy to prevent with a good warm up.

Don’t Over Exercise

You shouldn’t try to push yourself too far when exercising. It’s important to build up gradually. Take weightlifting as an example here. You shouldn’t jump from lifting 10kg to 15. Instead, you should build up slowly so that you know that your body can take it. Otherwise, you will end up injuring yourself.

Sports Protection

Finally, if you’re completing a sporting activity, make sure that you use the protective gear. Otherwise, you are leaving yourself open to an avoidable injury. You’d be amazed by what an inch of foam padding could do. It could be the difference between a sprained ankle and a broken leg on the field. The infographic below has more information about how foam padding is used to protect athletes.

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