Sometimes you don't feel like going out there and putting in the training. Sometimes you simply can’t do it. Then there are the times when you are at home, and you’d just like to do a little exercise for ten or fifteen-minutes. Work out, have some fun, wake yourself up a bit and get back on with the task at hand. What are best most fun ways of working out, training and even upping your game while you are at home? Here're a few choices to get you thinking.


Indoor rowing machine

There’s a reason for this piece of equipment being a gym staple. It works, and it is ultra efficient in its target area. You don't have to be a rower to know that this piece of equipment is going to be great for your heart and your muscles. This is a great accessory for so many sports. A rowing machine is an excellent cardiovascular workout. It will also target your legs, arms, back and shoulders. The newer models are ultra efficient and should have a wide range of different levels. They are also wonderfully interactive which means you can choose how hard you want to work. Aim for a machine that is sleek and robust.

Cross trainers

These are excellent cardio machines, and if you’ve used one at the gym, you'll know how taxing they can be when you start to add resistance. Interactiveness means that you can track your heart rate as well as the amount of calories being burned. Arms and legs are targeted along with an all over calorie burn off.

Fitness Trampoline

Okay these might look like a five to ten year would enjoy them but they are seriously addictive and very good for you. The great things about a fitness trampoline is that the aerobic work out can be quite gentle. If you have not been on one for a while, you might surprise yourself with the amount of fun you can have. Targets include heart rate, increased circulation and a great way to lower blood pressure.

Table Tennis Trainers

If you have ever been addicted to this incredible sport, then you’ll already know how much table tennis robots can improve your game. Nothing can quite prepare you for the accuracy, speed and variation with which you can be challenged. These are a very cool way to workout and have a lot of fun hitting things. General fitness but all round mental agility and coordination.

Electric Bicycles

Have come a long way from the days of sit up and beg models. Newer versions are sleeker and have far more hi-tech features. These are a great way to keep up your road training without even leaving the house. Smart versions include the ability to link up to your phone. It is also possible to buy a version that simply replaces the back wheel of your bike. Space saving, smart and efficient. And you can still watch Netflix while you train!

Once you put your mind to it, there are no end of smart ways to have some fun and lift your game while you are at it. And if budget and space are a huge problem, there’ s always the option of a skipping rope!