The metabolism depends on your age, sex, and genes. Some people are just fat burners just like when you gorge on junk food and do not put on a pound. However, with exercise, and clever food and drink tricks, it’s possible to speed up your rate. Here are some easy and sneaky tips to crank up your calories burn.

#1 - Slash your fat intake
Fatty foods actually slow down the calorie-burning part of our cells. But, if you cut back your fatty foods intake, you could burn 16% more calories for up to 3 hours after each meal. Go for veggie option to cut out animal fat and fat-free dressing for salads and Dijon mustard instead of mayo.

#2 - Drink smart
Your body need to be hydrated to keep your metabolism burning. Try drinking ice-cold water because your body will warm it up and burn a calorie for every degree it heats it. And don’t feel bad about that morning latte because caffeine is a stimulant, it’s thought to increase metabolic rate by 5% for 2-hour after drinking.

#3 - Muscle Up
Resistance training by adding weights to the workout routine can hike your metabolic rate by up to 15% because it increases muscle, which burns 9 times more calories than fat. Besides, interval training is a great metabolism booster, too.

#4 - Never Skip Sleep
Beware of burning midnight oil because just one night of skipped or disrupted sleep can slow down your calorie burn by 5-20% the next day. 

#5 - Don’t Crash Diet
Restrictive diets send your body into starvation mode, making it hang on to every calorie. As your metabolic rate is highest in the morning, research shows that eating a good-sized but healthy breakfast will boost metabolism by 10% for the rest of the day. It’s recommended to have scrambled eggs on toast or whole grain cereal with yoghurt and nuts.

#6 - Never Ditch Carbs
Carbs produce the glucose your cells need to function properly, so instead of cutting them out, eat good carbs such as brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and whole grain bread. Besides, spicy food can be good as it increases your heart rate, and is thought to boost metabolic rate by up to 50% for 3 hours afterwards.