There are a few great exercises that will actually help you to transform your body. Although these exercises are effective in strengthening your body along with burning calories, you still need to eat healthy and get enough of rest. Waste no time doing other workouts, here are 7 exercises that will help you to reach your fitness goal.

#1 - Jumping Rope
Remember your childhood days where you love to do it with your friends? Basically, jumping rope is a cheap, and portable exercise you can do anywhere, and at anytime. This workout has been proven to burn more calories per minute than any other workouts. Plus, you can always do this with your kids.

#2 - Push-Ups
You just need to learn loving this because this exercise is a bit harder to perform but it always offer the best result. You can do variation of push-ups as each push-up works different muscles in the shoulders, and arms. You would always be thankful for sculpted arms, and overall transform the body when you do push-ups.

#3 - Lunges
Lunges are very effective workout for strengthening, sculpting, and building muscle groups as they isolate every leg individually. You can do jumping lunges to add cardio and boost the intensity.

#4 - Cycling
Cycling is one of the easiest ways to get fit as well as save more money because it's a great means of transportation. Moreover, you can push yourself at a higher intensity workout!

#5 - Squats
Never hate squat because it helps tone the glutes, strengthen the body, and burn calories. Squat is a full body exercise that works on more than one muscle group, and you can transform your body as well as improve your physical health by doing squats religiously.

#6 - Swimming
Swimming is fun as it helps strengthen the core, and work with different muscle groups. It also reduce your blood pressure, and improve aerobic capacity.

#7 - Running
If you love running, then it should be a very good news for you! Running helps to relieve stress, and burn calories. It also build strong, toned legs, and make you slim faster!