Having a great booty is more appealing than showing cleavage in these recent days. People are taking more and more booty-selfie on Instagram especially when they are wearing tight pants, bodycon, or even post-workouts. Here are some tips to make your booty look amazing (so you can take it with Instagram):

#1 - Bright Coloured Pants or Skirts

Bright colours never fail to draw attention. If you would like people to notice your lower body, you should pair up your tops with bright coloured bottoms.

#2 -  Exercise Your Lower Body

Doing squats everyday won't make your booty look like Jen Setler's, anyway. There are many exercises you can do to make your butt look roundish. Try Fitness Blender's Butt Workout. It's super easy!

#3 - Pocket Size Matters

Buy a pair of jeans that flatters you from behind. If you have a small, and flat butt, you should choose jeans with pockets sits higher, and closer to the center stream. A little decorations on top of the pocket would make your butt looks roundish, too!

#4 - Yoga Pants

Yoga pants should be included in your wardrobe as men loves yoga pants a lot! Remember to choose thick yoga pants, not the sheer one which enough to show off your panties.

#5 - Thong Thong Thong

Invest some underwear that would make your booty look better. Choose some thongs because as they won't leave any panty lines especially when you're wearing bodycon.

We hope this simple tips would help you to have an instant sexy booty.