Have you realized that you need to lose weight? Dropping the pounds can be a huge chore, boring at best and complete agony at worst. Everyone wants to find that one way of exercising that works for them. You don't want to be bored out of your mind or wishing you were doing anything else but working out.

While some people never manage to find a sport or exercise that works for them, others discover something they enjoy and start losing weight. But while some forms of exercise might be enjoyable, they won't necessarily help you to lose weight as well as others. The following sports will help you burn more calories over a shorter period.


Basketball is a very physical sport, which combines fast-paced movements including running and jumping. You need to quickly change directions and think on your feet, doing everything at top speed. You could burn up to 700 calories playing an hour of basketball.


When it comes to burning calories, running is up there with the best, if not the best. The sport puts your whole body through its paces, which is great for burning fat, although it can be tough on your joints. Even though you can run competitively, running is a great sport if you prefer to exercise alone or remove any competitive element from your weight loss. You don't need any special equipment, although a good pair of running shoes is a good idea, so pretty much anyone can take up running. Running at a 6-minute-mile pace could help you lose up to 1,400 calories an hour, while an 8-minute-mile pace could help you burn 1,165.


Swimming can't help you lose as many calories as running, but it's kinder on your joints and is still up there with the best sports for losing weight. It's a sport that requires the use of your whole body, working your muscles and giving you a great aerobic workout. The best stroke if you want to burn fat is the butterfly, which can burn up to 949 calories an hour. Meanwhile, breaststroke and freestyle could burn over 800 calories an hour.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is another team sport that's fast-paced and full of action. But make sure you've taken out Sports Cover direct insurance before playing because it can also be dangerous. Skating takes a lot of effort from your whole body, especially your legs, and you need quick reflexes and upper body strength to pass, shoot and keep your opponents at bay. You could be burning over 700 calories an hour playing this demanding sport.


Similar to basketball and ice hockey, lacrosse also requires both lower and upper body strength. It's also fast-paced and requires running, shooting, passing and checking opponents. It has great cardiovascular benefits too, so you can lose weight and get healthy in other ways playing this sport of Native American origin. An hour of lacrosse can help you lose nearly 700 calories.

If you can't find a sport or workout you love, or even like, choose the one you hate least. Don't give up on losing weight because you think it's meant to be all fun and games.

Top image via Kris Krug