If you are looking to lose weight or achieve your very own health goals then there are a few essential apps that will help you along the sometimes tricky fitness road.

10. Cyclemeter

Users can gather a wealth of data for several sporting activities, and monitor their progress using the numerous detailed features available in the app.

9. Fitocracy

Deemed as "the Facebook of fitness apps", this self-motivation app is specifically designed to ensure you keep track of everything ranging from your own progress to setting personal challenges.

8. Interval Pro

Perfect for those who like to indulge in a sport of interval training. Additional features include the ability to track not only workouts but resting periods too.

7. Nike+ Training Club

With more than 100 extensive workouts, the app also offers monthly routines and bonus workouts ranging from simple drills and to personal training tips.

6. Tempo Run

The way this app works is by allowing users to listen to music in the middle of routine does to increase your endurance while you jog to the beat. The music will be synched with your playlist and ranked according to each tempo from every song. According to their research, this helps to increase endurance by as much as 20%.

5. Instant Heart Rate Pro

Consider this the perfect app for monitor your heart rate. The app works by connecting to your pulse levels, allowing it to update your rate in the blink of an eye or swipe of a finger, resulting in highly detailed and accurate data tracking.

4. MapMyRide

This app literally maps out your track routes by allowing users to measure the distance, speed, elevation levels and even the amount of calories

3. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter

Besides the impressive three million items in the catalog, you can also keep track of your calories and regimes using the built-in scanner.

2. RunKeeper

A free app that helps you to track personal runs, control your tracks and even use it while cycling. Sign us up! Other features include progress reports, built-in audio coaching, and the ability to upload all your stats to a myriad of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

1. JEFIT Pro

This all-encompassing workout app lets you create your own routines, view charts compare and contrast an array of statistics, and take advantage of more than 1200 different exercise guidelines. They even included dedicated animations to ensure you are performing each exercise using the correct form.