People to think that women blessed with large chests love having these assets all the time. And why wouldn't they? It's fabulous, it's sexy, and it can pull off shapely clothes better than a flat chest can.

Well for one, big boobs are heavy. Heavy-breasted women know how it can take a toll on their backs. But the other annoying thing about big boobs is exercising! Here's what it really feels like for women with well-endowed boobage when it comes to exercise:

1. The minute you think of working out, you immediately feel short of breath just thinking about strapping down those tatas.

2. You let out a sigh after pondering the question "Is it a two-sports-bras-at-once kind of day?”

3. And then after going with two sports bras (because it's safer, right? And it won't bounce too much), you feel like a sausage because your boobs are squashed so tight that it's suffocating.

4. You hope you're looking like this...

5. But you really just want to rip the whole thing off and break free from your uniboob.

6. And then they bounce.

7. ...And you feel like you look like:

8. But in the end, you'll just have to remind yourself of one important thing: you got that workout done!