Everyone knows that 'tester' samples at makeup counters are a breeding ground for bacteria, but what about the stuff you have stashed in your makeup kit?

Not sanitizing your kit regularly can cause things like powder compacts and lip glosses to become unusable way before their expiration date. This especially applies to any compact-based product that comes into contact with your grubby little fingers. The worst case scenario is that it can cause irritation, and even infections to your skin, eyes, and so on.

If you want your kit to last, make it a point to sanitize your products before application (everyday if you must). This will keep your makeup clean, safer to use, and help it last longer.

So how do you sanitize your kit? Just like how you would clean makeup brushes, you have to make it a point to clean your kit. Pick up some chemical-free makeup sanitizers that come in both spray and wipe form. Hold the spray about 6 inches from the product surface and spritz once before leaving it to set for about 10 seconds. Use the wipes for items with sticky residue (lipgloss, mascara wands, lipsticks, etc).

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