Is there any truth to the idea that by getting cosmetic surgery in Korea, you may save enough money to pay for an entire vacation? View the testimony of over 800,000 international patients with and make your calculations.

Why do international patients select South Korea for cosmetic surgery?

Medical plastic surgery in South Korea is a fast increasing field, with over a thousand practitioners. Local physicians execute roughly a million plastic treatments each year. Among the patients are many foreigners, the overwhelming majority of them are from China and the United States. Additionally, many patients come from countries such as Japan, Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Patients from various nations opt for Korean plastic surgeons for a variety of reasons, including the following:

Korea sustains strong standards of medical care, which are regulated by the local Ministry of Health and Welfare and renowned international organizations such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) 
Korea's plastic surgery facilities are state-of-the-art in terms of medical technology. 

Korea is home to one of the most prestigious cosmetic surgery schools in the world. Numerous overseas students travel to South Korea to study at universities and benefit from the country's renowned physicians' expertise.

Korean clinics are well-known for their uniformity in price. Thailand offers most medical procedures, including cosmetic surgery, for up to 40 percent less cost than the United States or several European nations.

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Cost in South Korea? What Is the Cost of Plastic Surgery in South Korea?

Cosmetic surgery charges in South Korea vary depending on the therapy done but are frequently 30-40 percent less expensive than in the United States or Europe. Mammoplasty costs roughly $2,900 in Korean clinics; blepharoplasty costs about $1,000; and a stomach tuck costs around $3,550. Where can I discover the real cost of cosmetic surgery in my country? When it becomes evident how much intervention volume is required, an accurate answer can only be determined following a doctor's examination.

How much money can you save by getting cosmetic surgery in South Korea instead of a foreign country?

The inexpensive cost of cosmetic surgery in the nation is one of the primary reasons individuals relocate here from other countries. Cosmetic surgery in Korea is much less costly than many other countries, despite the great quality of drugs and service. The amount of money you save is largely determined by the treatment you choose and the institution's brand name. In some cases, you may save up to 40 percent in the United States compared to other nations. 

How Long Does It Take in Seoul, South Korea to Recover From Plastic Surgery?

On average, recovery after cosmetic surgery takes ten days to a month, depending on the patient's health and the kind of surgery done. Numerous therapies are indicated at different tissue healing times and scar formation to aid in the process's acceleration. Cosmetological rehabilitation must entail a spectrum of hardware and injectable therapy that is individualized for each patient. 

The bottom line

Remember that you will be charged specifically for the cosmetic surgery programs at a certain Korean facility. Bookimed offers free trip planning for each patient. Get your assistance with today.