A smooth and hairless skin is considered to be a mark of feminine beauty. However, many women struggle to get this basic thing right. This is mainly because they make a poor choice when it comes to choosing hair removal method. 

Most women shave to get rid of unwanted hair quickly but in turn end up harming their skin. Many others choose waxing and face the ill effects of the chemical based formula used in the process. To attain a smooth and hairless skin, we suggest you go for sugaring. Why? Let us explain in detail!

Organic Treatment to Attain Hairless Skin

Sugaring kits available from reputed brands do not contain any chemicals or additives. These are prepared with 100% natural ingredients such as lemon, sugar and water. These ingredients are soft on the skin and do not cause any side effects. Top brands offer different sugaring solutions to cater to different parts of the body. They have exclusive sugaring kits to get rid of bikini hair. A separate range is formulated for the body. Likewise, they offer a different solution to remove unwanted strands from the face. You will also find a range of sugaring kits for men.
Simple and Almost Painless Procedure

The procedure to conduct sugaring is quite simple. Sugaring paste is applied warm in the opposite direction of hair growth. As the paste hardens, hold it firmly from an edge and pull it forcibly in one go in the direction of growth. The water soluble paste sticks to the hair and dead skin cells and not the skin. As a result, not much pain is caused on pulling it.

The organic paste, suitable for all skin types, can safely be re-applied multiple times on the same area without worrying about redness or irritation.

Beautiful and Smooth Skin for Weeks

During the process, the hair is pulled from the roots. Thus, the skin remains hairless for around 3-4 weeks or even more depending on a person’s hair growth. It also leaves the skin smooth and supple. The hair that grows back is softer quite unlike shaving that gives way to coarse growth. Moreover, it has been observed that using this method of hair removal helps lighten the hair growth over time.

For better results, we suggest you apply soothing mist after the procedure. This is particularly recommended after removing hair from sensitive areas such as the bikini line, under arms, eyebrows and chin. The soothing solution minimises the chances of redness even further. The occurrence of ingrown hair also diminishes substantially with its use. It moisturizes tones and guards the treated area. You can even apply it on sunburns for a soothing effect.

So, you see how sugaring can help you attain beautiful, smooth and hairless skin without much effort and of course without shelling much money. Sugaring kits are reasonably priced and the procedure can easily be conducted at home. If you haven’t tried it yet it is time you do and see the difference. Don’t forget to share your experience!