Since the dawn of time, women have been on a relentless quest for beautiful skin. Lacking knowledge, our great-great-great grandmothers even went so far as to slap poisons like arsenic and lead on their face. But are today's women any different?

Let's be honest, we're still pretty much addicted to beauty products. And just like in the past, the majority of mainstream cosmetics are ridden with dangerous chemicals. However, today these chemicals are cleverly disguised under acronyms, numbers and benign terms like “fragrance” which is actually a concoction of hundreds of synthetic chemicals, many of which can cause dermatitis, allergies and respiratory problems, disrupt hormones and have been linked to breast and liver cancer.

But unlike in the past, more and more women are getting informed about the dangers of the things they are putting on their skin. And one such woman who got concerned about the effects of mainstream beauty products was Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr. She discovered that there were next to no brands that produce truly healthy skincare formulas and in 2009 set out to fill the gap in the market with KORA Organics. Safe, wearable and earth-loving, there are many reasons to trust and try the Miranda Kerr KORA Organics line.

Certified Organic

Today, there's a lot of greenwashing going on in the skincare industry. So, you may easily come across products labelled as “organic”, “ natural” and “clean” on the shelves of your local supermarket. But are they walking the talk? Well, in reality, unless the products themselves are certified by a trustworthy body, the words themselves don't mean anything because using them isn't regulated by any law.

What sets apart the KORA skincare is that fact that it's certified as organic by the world's most trustworthy international certification bodies – COSMOS-standard AISBL and ECOCERT. To keep these certifications, the line undergoes yearly audits to ensure that they remain compliant with the strict regulations. Everything is evaluated by these bodies: the products' ingredients and formulations, the packaging as well as the wording used to advertise the product.

The process even goes so far as to include inspections of the farm fields where the ingredients come from and testing of the soil and water that the farmers use in order to make sure they meet all the standards that have been set. This is so in order to ensure that no ingredient has been exposed to insecticides, fungicides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers. As a result, customers can rest assured they are getting precisely what they're being promised: healthy and clean certified organic products.


When you're vegan, you carefully consider each of your purchases whether you're grocery shopping or trying to identify quality vegan-friendly shoes. If you care about the well-being of animals, you're probably also wondering, is KORA Organics vegan friendly?

Every KORA product undergoes rigorous testing for its efficacy before it hits the shelves. However, unlike other brands that use animals, the Miranda Kerr brand hires real people to try out the products in safe and controlled conditions. Every formulation undergoes the so-called Repeat Insult Patch testing on 50+ volunteers. This way, the company can test whether a certain formulation triggers any sensitivities or allergic reactions as well as see how it performs on actual human skin.

But best of all, this means that consumers can get the peace of mind that they aren't contributing to the inhumane treatment of animals. PETA has confirmed that Miranda Kerr's range is 100% cruelty-free and doesn't test any ingredient or finished product or animals, and neither do the brand's suppliers or any other party involved in the production. Going a step further, Miranda also doesn't sell in countries where animal testing is legally required.

But besides being cruelty-free, the majority of the range is also 100% vegan. Most products are made of potent plant ingredients and are free of any animal ingredients and their by-products. There are only four products in the whole range you'd want to avoid if you are vegan:

The Unscented Cleansing Bar (based on goat's milk);
The Vitamin Enhanced Lip Balm (includes beeswax);
The Noni Glow Face Balm (includes beeswax);
Noni Glow Body Balm (includes beeswax).

No Artificial Fragrances

As mentioned earlier, most cosmetic and skincare products on the market rely heavily on artificial fragrances. And they do so in order to cover up the nasty and harsh smells of the chemicals they use.

But the lack of artificial fragrances doesn't necessarily mean that the products of the brand don't smell as good as other beauty products. Miranda has picked out some of the most wonderful pure essential oils to give her products a heavenly natural scent that won't cause any skin irritations. But in addition to smelling amazing, organic essential oils are also good for the skin. For instance, many KORA skin products include organic rosehip oil which has amazing benefits for the skin.

In addition, the products contain no synthetic colours, sulphates, PEGs, silicons, glycols, parabens, T.E.A, D.E.A, Ethoxylate and Formaldehyde. In other words – none of the most toxic chemicals found in traditional skincare.

Powerful Natural Ingredients


Now that we've learned what the line lacks (harmful, chemical nasties), you're probably wondering what it actually brings to the table ingredients-wise? The Miranda Kerr KORA Organics range boasts with a high degree of efficacy thanks to the use of highly active organic and natural ingredients which are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Some of the most commonly used ingredients in the KORA beauty range are rosehip oil, acai, aloe vera, willow bark, Tonka bean, Sicilian white grapes and lemon.

But perhaps the key ingredient the brand is best known for is Noni extract. The Noni plant has been used for centuries as a superfood and is considered a sacred Ayurvedic plant due to its healing properties. Miranda herself has been drinking Noni juice since she was a teenager and believes it's the key to her skin being healthy and radiant and staying youthful despite her often stressful line of work. The juice and the extract derived from the fruit contain more than 100 vitamins and minerals, most of which are great for the skin.

The Noni face oil especially stands out in the range due to its versatile properties. In essence, it's a multipurpose oil fit for everyone. In those that have sensitive skin, it helps prevent redness and protect and restore the skin's natural barrier. Those that struggle with an oily complexion may find it helps balance sebum production and prevent breakouts. And for those that experience dryness and dehydration, the oil helps boost hydration and lock-in the moisture. And this is only one of the 29 products the brand boasts with. Are you interested? Check the rest of the line out!