Everyone has a skincare routine. For some, it is as simple as doing nothing at all. After a long day of work, they are too tired to catch some time for cleaning.  Others go overboard. They have all the vitamins, oils and other additives lined. 

Either way, everyone thinks their way is their right. That has made most people commit to non-working routines. They end up damaging their skin. 

Here are some of the common mistakes you might be making already;

Scrubbing the skin too hard or too often 

Face cleaning is always associated with scrubbing. That explains why bathing sponges and scrubbers are so popular. However, you don’t need much of that when headed to sleep. Too much scrubbing irritates the skin.

It is even worse when you scrub the face and fail to exfoliate. You wake up in the morning with more of an irritated skin than a beautiful one. 

If you have to scrub, then use the fruit-derived enzyme scrubs. They have alpha-hydroxy acids, which eat away dead skin cells. 

Failing to wash face before going to bed 

Washing the face before going to bed is not a luxury when it comes to skincare. It is the bare minimum. The face collects a lot of dirt and particles during the day. Washing the face is the best way to get rid of these particles. 

Failing to wash the face let these particles accumulate. Letting them accumulate increases skin aging. It also comes with the risk of eczema and psoriasis.

With the cost of psoriasis treatment not as friendly, wash the face. 

Not applying a hydrating moisturizer. 

The use of moisturizers in the skincare world is always up for debate. Part of the sector believes moisturizer is unnecessary when headed to sleep. Studies, however, confirm it is quite important. It comes in handy even if you are too tired to wash the face. 

Moisturizing is great for every skin type. It helps to regulate the natural oil skin production leading to fewer skin spots. Still, for oily skin, you can opt for gel-crème moisturizers. Moisturizers work well with dry skin oils without irritating skin. 

Applying wrong vitamins 

Vitamins are popular in skincare routines. What most users don't get is that the vitamin application varies in time. Vitamins like Vitamin C serum are ideal for night application. The other Vitamin C variants are great for morning application or during the day. As it helps protects against the sun’s UV rays. 

Misusing vitamins can cause much pressure on the skin. This might lead to skin irritation. 

Bottom Line 

Keeping a skincare routine is ideal for the best skin. It helps in guarding against early aging and other skin conditions. While they are popular, most people do it wrongly. They tend to scrub too hard or too often and fail to apply a moisturizer. Some also fail to wash the face altogether. 

Eliminate these mistakes, and you welcome the best skin you can have.