If your lips have begun showing signs of aging, or if you're dissatisfied with their volume and shape, you can have more noticeable fuller lips through lip injection. These injections will give you several filler options that'll help you have perfectly structured and beautiful lips. They're among the most excellent solutions for correcting cosmetic lip problems. 

However, before undergoing a lip injection, you need to know more about it. This article gives you the essential things you need to understand before taking the procedure. 

1. Think About How Big You Want Your Lips To Be

Before finding a doctor and booking an appointment, you need to sit down and think about how big you want your lips to look. Most people like it when both their upper and bottom lips look fuller and juicer. 

Some people often feel that they've wasted money after realizing that their lips didn't change as they wanted. To avoid these problems, communicate with your cosmetic surgeon in advance and inform him of the type of look you'd like to achieve. That could either be a natural look or a voluptuous one. How you want your lips altered will affect the technique that your doctor will use. 

2. You Need To Select A Filler

A decade ago, the common filler that doctors used was collagen. Currently, there are many variations, though the most popular type is hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Juvederm. If you want a more pillowy and plump pout, go for Juvederm. On the other hand, Restylane will give you a more natural look.

However, you need to be careful not to be ridged on a filler's choice because your doctor will direct you on the best one to use depending on the type of look you desire to achieve. Your doctor will inject you with 1 mm of filler per session. But if you want a fuller lip, he'll double the amount, though this varies depending on the individual. It's advisable to go for many sessions if you're going to achieve a plumper look.

3. Fillers Aren't Cheap

Though fillers aren't permanent, they're expensive. One syringe can cost between $400 and $1000. To make matters worse, you may need to go for several sessions to maintain your look because the filler's effects may only last for six months.

Therefore, if you intend to undergo this procedure regularly, you need to have a budget. The cheapest it can be is $800 because it's not a one-off thing but requires you to visit the aesthetician at least twice a year. 

4. It Has Risks

Though doctors quickly perform filler treatments, it isn't risk-free. You may develop an allergic reaction that could lead to an infection. Also, if you're prone to getting cold sores, undergoing a lip filler procedure could trigger one. So, you should take sore medication at least three days before visiting your cosmetic surgeon. If you see a professional doctor, you'll minimize the risks that you may face. 

Wrapping Up

Lip injections are a great way to make your lips look juicer, luscious, and pretty. However, it isn't advisable to go into it blindly. Knowing what's associated with it will help you gain more confidence and take care of yourself better.