The indisputable truth is that we all need to take care of our skin to be healthy. Face creams are specifically formulated to hydrate the skin by adding to and covering the body's natural moisture. Although Face creams also contain ingredients intended to fix particular challenges such as aging or sun damage, their key function is to hydrate the skin and keep it in place. 

Custom Face Serum, on the other hand, are designed to penetrate directly into the skin and fix or even overcome the causes of aging and cell-level skin injury. Custom Face serum is expected to produce more enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins to restore the skin cells' composition and improve the skin's radiance, softness, and suppleness. 

What is the difference between custom face serum and custom face cream?

The major difference between custom face serums and custom face creams is that custom face serums leave out 'sealing' additives such as petrolatum and mineral oils used by creams to prevent water from evaporating from the skin. Custom face serums also contain fewer fillers, thickeners, and lubricants. 

The second significant distinction is that custom face serums will potentially function more efficiently in your skin for two reasons. First, because the face serums have smaller objects, they enter the skin at a deeper cellular basis. And because face serums do not contain the dense, airtight 'wrapping' particles found in face creams, the active ingredients in the custom face serum can more easily enter your skin and function more efficiently.

So, the custom face serum's beauty contains a high concentration of active ingredients and penetrates deeper, efficiently providing valuable nutrients and hydration to the lowest layers of the skin where face creams could not penetrate. 

Custom face serums have a lighter appearance than face creams, and it is easily absorbed into the skin. After cleaning your cosmetics and washing your skin, we suggest adding a face serum to your face. 

How does custom face serum work?

Custom face serums are lightweight, intense skincare products designed to penetrate thoroughly, allowing their active ingredients to resist free radical destruction, skin pigmentation, aging, acne, and scarring by bringing nutrients and vitamins right into the skin cells. Custom face serums may have drastic and fast effects on the skin's radiance by lightening up, exfoliating, and moisturizing the face.   

Custom face serums are formulated to rebuild the skin at a molecular level and, at the same time, function on a wide variety of skin health factors. If you have aged, weakened, scarred, or sun-damaged skin, custom face serum is the safest option to minimize visible influences on the skin. Custom face serum acts to enhance the firmness, lightness, and brightness of the skin while reducing dark circles.

How does face cream work?

The face cream is a lotion or moisturizer that includes skin hydrating moisturizing ingredients and creates a physical barrier to help the skin remain hydrated. Face creams contain bigger molecules than face serums, but they cannot touch the epidermis or the skin's top layer. Their key advantage is that they protect the flesh, lock it in moisture and nutrients.  

The stronger, harder ingredients in moisturizing creams create a barrier on your skin intended to keep in moisture. But it may also lock the active ingredients out of the skin in the moisturizer, decreasing their potency.

What is better, face cream or custom face serum?

The thicker and heavier the ingredients in the cream, the more barrier the skin becomes. It is very vital to hold in moisture. But it can also inhibit the active ingredients. Without these barriers, the custom face serum's active ingredients penetrate the skin more quickly and effectively.

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