Clean beauty products are made without ingredients that are said to cause harm to health. Clean products can still be effective and luxurious, whether it is your daily shampoo, your morning glow-giving moisturizer, or the perfect red lip color. You do not have to make any compromises when you switch to clean beauty products, they are designed for everyone, whatever your beauty needs are. 

There is no reason for beauty companies to continue making products that contain harmful or potentially suspect ingredients. It may be difficult to believe that our favorite trusted beauty brands would use such ingredients in their makeup and beauty products, but the reality is that many do. It is still common in the beauty industry for brands to use harmful ingredients in their products, and due to minimal regulations, it is perfectly legal. 

In the United States, eleven ingredients are prohibited by the FDA, whereas in the United States more than one thousand ingredients are banned. Thus, many beauty companies in the United States can continue to freely use these ingredients in our daily moisturizers, lipsticks, and mascaras. These ingredients can contain harmful toxins, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and irritants. 


Due to the lack of legislation and regulations, beauty companies can often freely "green-wash" such ingredients and label their products as being "environmentally friendly," and "natural." These terms have somewhat ambiguous definitions and are used to mislead customers lulling them into a false sense of security. People may think that they are making a healthy choice because of the greenwashing terms that are used to label many beauty products. 

Clean brands

Clean beauty products do not use ingredients that are potentially harmful to health, do not test on animals, and are often vegan. They don't use ingredients commonly used in conventional products, that are proven to be harmful or potentially harmful for your skin or health. Whether it be skincare, haircare, bodycare, or fragrance, all of the products sold by a clean brand are free from such ingredients.

The list of harmful ingredients is ever-increasing, meaning that these clean brands must continue to monitor the ingredients they put into their products. Clean products do not contain parabens, PEG's, synthetic fragrances, toxins, carcinogens. If you want to look after your body, your family, and the environment, it is a good idea to switch to clean beauty products. It is important to have the information you need to make the right choices for you. You deserve to know exactly what goes into the products that you are putting on your body. When you choose a clean beauty brand you can be assured that all of the ingredients are carefully chosen to be non-toxic and non-harmful to human health and skin.

Clean beauty brands are led by scientific information and studies which recommend safe ingredients. The science can sometimes be unclear but certain ingredients are clearly harmful to human health but are continued to be used by some brands. The beauty and self-care industries are beginning to turn toward clean products and non-toxic ingredients. However, brands need to continue to be more transparent about the ingredients that they are using. 

Don't compromise

Making the switch to clean beauty products does not mean that you have to compromise. Whether it be a conditioning hair treatment, lash-lengthening mascara, or your daily serum, you can still enjoy luxurious products that smell lovely and are effective. Clean beauty products ensure that you can look good, feel great while knowing that everything you put on your body is truly natural, clean, and non-harmful. Look after your beautiful body by using clean beauty products.