Singapore is always been respected as a city which is prominent for being more traditional. Aesthetic treatments were once dubbed as final resorts for ladies too unconfident about their own appearances, or as a means of showcasing for the excessively egotistical. Regardless of that, aesthetic treatments certainly have people who dislike it. Yet another reason for medical aesthetic’s speedy growth in becoming mainstream was caused partly from the development of medical aesthetics, allowing clinics to bring significant results with comfortable and faster procedures. This Southeast Asian city’s clinics and medical aesthetics scene are rapidly catching up with The United States - the mecca of aesthetic treatments.

Smoother Skin
Used to combat and reverse the telltale signs of growing old, like wrinkles, low skin elasticity and sagging, treatments like restylane are an immensely sought after medical aesthetic procedure in Singapore. Skinboosters are injected at precise areas, usually on the face and neck spots. This is a non-invasive treatment which is done by exclusively by MOH licensed medical professionals in Singapore. Similar to to fillers, injectibles such as teosyal have HA (hyaluronic acid). After being directly injected by a medical professional, skinboosters absorb moisture from the blood, bringing rehydration to the target area.. 

The positive effects of injectables like teosyal on a girl is not immediate and commonly requires four weeks to see optimal impact. Women don’t feel afraid about prolonged downtimes with skinboosters. Assuming the redness stays for nine days, visit a medical practitioner instantly. Brands akin to Restylane commonly get sold in packages, because more than a single session is necessary to achieve visible outcome.

Picosecond Laser
Picolasers have become an aesthetic heavyweight recently with the ability to fire powerful laser shots in smaller durations than previously technologically possible. It is common for picosecond lasers used to remove inks and other types of skin pigmentation, but the wide applicability of picolasers have also appeared in a variety of different types of treatments, such as skin toning. Those who have issues with pigmentation are perfect candidates for pico laser treatments.

The bursts of laser administered by the picolaser have the power to remove pigmentation groups found within layers of skin. The shattered pieces of the pigmentation are then taken away naturally by the body’s immune system, effectively removing the pigmentation. As the bursts of laser energies are merely a few billionths of a second long, the likelihood of your skin to receive injury is very low. There is zero recovery time from pico laser procedures and patients that have done picosecond laser procedures can resume daily pursuits as they would normally after the procedure. Some redness at the site of treatment may be observed follwing a picolaser treatment session. This normally disappears within 24 hours of the treatment. Cost: $200-$900/session, 3-6 sessions suggested.

Remove freckles completely with no scarring

Pigmentation in skin is a well-known ailment when you can observe darker patches due to excessive pigment cells in the layers of skin. Singapore, geographically, is located almost on the equator, leading to it receiving massive amounts of sunlight annually. Although this may make for all-year-long sunny weather, chronic contact with UV emissions can potentially lead to, and additionally proliferate quantities of melanin production in layers of skin, leading to unwanted types of pigments in skin. Thus, it shouldn't be surprising that the proliferation of different manifestations of pigments symptoms such as freckles, solar lentigoes and melasma is a commonplace occurrence on highly visible locations like our face, forehead, cheeks. The hardest part in the treatment of pigmentation symptoms lies in the prognosis. It takes a trained skin specialist can accurately determine the sort of skin pigmentation condition you are suffering from. Pigmentation may also form post-inflammation, arising from conditions such as pimples, or chicken pox. Pigmentation because of such inflammations are identified as post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH).

With regards to effective pigmentation removal, the medical practitioner must firstly accurately ascertain the symptoms and underlying reason of the pigment cluster before executing the recommended treatment procedure. Blindly treating pigmentation conditions is a recipe for disaster. It is easy for several pigmentation types to be mistakenly recognised as another condition due to the closeness in appearance between certain pigmentation manifestations. Records show certain events of the pigmentation symptoms worsening from having of the wrong remedy. 

Going to the right doctor to treat your pigmentation woes is important. For example, One Face Clinic is a clinic that specializes in pigmentation treatments such as freckles. Many patients are very pleased with their simple yet effective approach towards treating freckles. Nonetheless, pigmentation patients are advised to source multiple diagnoses from a minimum of 3 different medical professionals deciding on a treatment made to fit your needs.

Pimple Scar Removal
The same patch of skin can even show several differing types of scars, and each specific type has a different treatment method. "Acne scars" -- a straightfoward term to describe an issue that affects a sizable portion of the worldwide population, acne scars are persistent places of where the skin dips or may show as raised scarred areas in the skin, caused after an episode of acne. Moreover, every patient’s skin type and condition is dramatically different. It takes an experienced doctor to truly diagnose and treat acne scars. This is because there are many different types of acne scars and only a skilled doctor can correctly determine how they can be treated.

For any good doctor looking to produce an optimal outcome, the first step should be to formulate an action plan for the optimal treatment to precisely treat the various forms of acne scarring the individual may have. Consult with a number of assessments from your trusted aesthetic clinics and compare the treatment plan from each doctor. There are dermatologists or clinics that have a preference more gradual treatment strategies which include topical creams and plasma, although others may prefer to take a faster results and dive straight into intensive laser therapies. Acne scars are extremely difficult to treat entirely, so I hope you don’t expect them to come cheap! You should expect to pay an estimated $3,200 and upwards for a complete combination strategy for acne scar healing treatment.