The makeup industry is flourishing each and every day. Makeup industry includes facial makeup artist and hairstylist. And the market is very competitive with thousands of experts. To survive and stand in front-row you definitely need some skills. Because makeup and hairstyling is something that does not depend on only theoretical knowledge. This field demands various types of the job; whether it is filmy makeup or fashion makeup, theatrical makeup or bridal makeup. To execute all the above, it is important to understand the whole process and ability to imply your theoretical knowledge justifiably.

So, you really need some practical knowledge to hone these skills. Here are some important skills which will help you to become a good & responsible professional makeup and hairstylist.

Creativity: As there is no shortcut of success, without creativity you cannot survive in this industry. You have to give the original output.

Understanding of demand: Every occasion demands different outlooks. You have to understand the client's requirements, what the situation is, whether it is for shooting or any live programme. You can't put bridal makeup for any evening party.

Work pressure & time management: Yes, all artists need their space and time. But in this industry, you are always under pressure, whether it is a client’s demand or timeline. For fashion makeup, generally, an artist needs to attain multiple models to prepare for the shoot within a strict to timeline. But you need to be calm and compose to deliver your best.
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Detailing: Since we are living in a digital era, everything gets snapped and goes through a thousand scrutinises. So, presence of mind and carefulness is very crucial. If you missed out any detail, you may get rejected.

Hairstyling: Along with facial makeup, hair styling also needs to carry out. For completing any look, have some specified ideas about the latest hairstyles- like inland empire bridal hairstyle, braided style, or bun style. The best option is to practice some easy to do style like inland empire bridal hairstyle. Gather knowledge about hair accessories also.

Technologically advance: Upgrade yourself with the latest technology and products- like airbrush makeup, advance protective products, makeup accessories, etc.

Skincare: If you want to get a remarkable place in this industry, not only makeup and hairstyling, you have to take care of your client's skin. Understanding skin type and applying a suitable product is very important. Not only that, removing make and after makeup, skincare is also your responsibility.

Communication skills: All your skills may get stuck in your closet just due to lack of communication. You have to be responsive through phone calls, text messages, or emails. So that every client can get access for any support or book an appointment. And it also helps to build a bond between you and your client.

So, all aspiring artists, enhance all the skills, be smart and updated before you put your resume on the table.