Skin care is a growing industry in today's economy. There are many cosmetic companies offering new beauty products ranging from the natural to the chemical. While these products help tremendously, there are ways that will help in preventing common skin problems in the first place. 

Some of these can easily be prevented by certain habits. However, skin care products are very helpful not only in the prevention of problems like acne, but in treatment as well.

Modern science, of course, has given us much advancement in the skin care field, and that includes a multitude of products specifically designed for maintaining clear skin. 

Certain beauty products, such as scrubs and facial moisturizers, can keep your skin smooth. Scrubs help in a process called exfoliation, which is basically taking off dead skin cells and exposing fresh skin. Washing can help, of course, but regular face washing can't take all the dead skin off your face.

Of course, this is not to say that washing your face isn't important. As a matter of fact, it helps in face care by cleaning the face and removing the dirt and oil accumulated throughout the day. Face washing is an important part of a skin care regimen, so this definitely shouldn't be neglected. 

Use a small amount of mild face cleanser or facial wash instead of soap and spread it all over your face. Do this twice a day, and your skin will feel great. After face washing, you can apply a good moisturizer for your skin. A quality moisturizer helps in keeping skin supple by trapping moisture, thus preventing dry skin. 

Some of the ingredients of good moisturizers include humectants, lubricants, or NMFs. These ingredients make skin softer by increasing water content. One of the most neglected beauty products is sunscreen. Wrinkles and other skin problems are caused by constant exposure to the sun. While doctors don't recommend avoiding the sun altogether, they do prefer that sunscreens be used to protect against UV rays, which damage the skin by causing premature aging. 

The use of sunscreen helps prevent wrinkles caused by the sun. Lifestyle changes should also be a part of a good skin care program as well. You can prevent many of the problems of the skin simply by making some practices an everyday part of your life and avoiding some negative practices which aren't only damaging to the skin, but are unhealthy as well.

Getting sufficient sleep is very important in skin care. Adults should get seven to eight hours of continual sleep during the night. Younger people should be getting even more. When you lose a lot of sleep, your skin is dehydrated, and you get dark circles around your eyes-definitely not clear skin. Exercise can also do wonders for your skin. It increases blood circulation. 

When your blood flows better all over your body, more nutrients are distributed and more blood gets to your skin. As a result, you will look less pale than people who don't work out. Regular workout will definitely result not just in improved health, but in better-looking skin as well.