In Singapore, beauty treatments have grown into something more commonplace in recent times. As recently as 4 years back, having your looks cosmetically enhanced was something that may draw snide comments. The growing publicity that aesthetic treatments is getting in this tiny, red dot is evidence enough that it’s gradually being acknowledged as something tolerable. 

Concurrently, breakthroughs in medical science and procedures in medical aesthetics have added to the advent of that which eventually became termed as ‘lunch-time’ treatments --  where a girl are allowed to finish a medical aesthetic treatment to enhance or upkeep how they look, and still be able to go back to other daily engagements immediately after. The better accessibility, fuss-free nature and prices are starting to become competitive with that of Seoul.

Treatments to Cure Acne

Acne is hard to treat, and effective acne treatment in Singapore is extremely prized. The same person can even exhibit many different types of scars, and each specific type comes with a specific treatment method. Scars in the aftermath of chronic acne is feared by the aesthetics community, for being famous for being tricky to fully resolve. Moreover, the difficulty of variables considered during the removal procedures is additionally compounded because of the fact that each and every person's skin sports unique characteristics that could potentially change the desired effect of the treatment procedures. Acne scars when compared, can be very different. The same patch of skin can even show a number of different types of scars, and each different type comes with its own optimal treatment method.

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Although it’s tempting to believe there to exist a treatment that can effectively remove all acne scars, but no such technique exists in the real world. The proper way to resolve acne scars is for the specialist to first identify the every forms of scars the person has before giving them a bespoke combination treatment method. Talk to an established aesthetics or skin clinic or hospital for a customised plan to heal the acne scars that plague you. Several differing strategies put together lasers, subcision, RF needling and various other treatments into 1 comprehensive strategy. The cost of removing acne scarring is highly dependant on the severity and placement of scars, as this dictates the types of treatment involved. Be prepared to afford around $3,200 for light to moderate cases of acne scarring. If your situation is observed to be more severe, you might be looking at a bill over $6500 in Singapore.

Skin Treatments
Skinboosters are a category of aesthetic treatments whose main ingredient is hyaluronic acid. Skinboosters are delivered by doctors at selected areas of the skin , usually on the face and décolletage spots. A key characteristic of the skinboosters treatment is that injectibles like ellanse are applied via a series of tiny microinjections, making it comparatively comfortable. The key ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is something which is produced even in our own bodies and is critical to moisturizing and smoothening in our body. Upon being injected by a physician, injectibles such as ellanse absorb hydrating factors in the patient’s bloodstream, bringing rehydration to the target area.. The outcome of a skinbooster is smooth skin, improved glow and better skin elasticity. Creases in the skin are also drastically reduced at the treated areas. Ladies need not worry about delayed healing times with skinboosters. Please be reminded that there can be soreness due to the microneedling that might require as much as four days to heal. Be prepared to spend six hundred for a 1 session of skinbooster procedure.

Picolaser in Singapore
Picolasers refer a particular range of lasers with the ability to deliver laser energy in very small discharge durations measured in picoseconds (1 trillionth of a second).  Picolasers have a plethora of  beneficial effects and can be utilized for removal of skin pigmentation, acne treatments, toning and so on.  Situations associated with discolored skin, such as freckles and even darkened underarm folds may benefit from using different picolasers.

The shots of laser administered by the pico laser possess the power to remove clumps of pigmentation found deep in the skin. The reduced pieces of the pigmentation are then taken away automatically as part of the body's immune response, effectively resolving the pigmentation. As the shots of laser energy sustain for merely a few billionths of a second long, the potential for your skin to receive burns is very unlikely. Pico laser treatments have no substantial recovery time. Patients are fit to go about their daily pursuits and hobbies as they would normally. Redness in the treated places can be noticed follwing the procedure. This usually resolves within a day. Cost: $250-$1000/procedure, 3-6 treatments suggested.

Pigmentation Treatment
Pigmentation showing in the skin is a common symptom when you may observe darker spots due to additional pigment cells within the skin layer. During the time you are exposed to sunlight, we allow the exposed patch of skin to receive damage from UV rays from the sun. As a result, highly visible locations such as our face, forehead are the most common places susceptible to pigmentation. The hardest part in curing pigmentation conditions is the prognosis. Only a trained medical practitioner or skin doctor to accurately identify the trigger to the condition and prescribe the best known successful treatment procedure in every uniquely encountered situation. Other, less considered underlying factors should also be considered, apart from exposure to sunlight. Changes in the body's hormones, as an example, can end up in the development of melasma. Pigmentation may develop after inflammation or swelling, arising from causes like insect bites, or chicken pox. These kinds of pigmentation are called post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH).

Patients afflicted by pigmentation conditions are often disappointed when multiple doctors, due to a poor prognosis, administer suboptimal remedies that fall short of resolving the problem. Blindly treating pigmentation conditions is possibly result in disappointment or aggravate the situation. It occurs more frequently than you would think, but it is highly likely for pigmentation conditions to be misconstrued as ailment, identified as another type of pigmentation due to the resemblence in the look between some types of pigmentation symptoms. Studies have indicated a few instances of the symptoms deteriorating from application of the wrong remedy. Patients seeking pigmentation treatment are advised not to give up and source different opinions from at least 3 different medical professionals  deciding on a particular customised treatment.