Sugaring has become a popular method to get rid of unwanted hair on sensitive areas such as the bikini line. This is mainly because the ingredients used to prepare sugaring paste are organic and also the method of conducting the procedure is quite safe and devoid of harmful side effects. However, one must understand the complete procedure step by step before starting with it to ensure proper removal of hair without causing any damage to the skin.

Now, as important as it is to conduct the procedure correctly it is equally essential to ensure proper skin care post sugaring treatment. We are here to provide some post sugaring skin care tips so that you can take better care:

Stay Away from Hot Tub Bath

It is not a good idea to indulge in hot water bath post sugaring. This can cause damage to the sensitive skin. Likewise, it is also suggested not to go for sauna or steam bath after this procedure.

It is, however, a good idea to take a cold water shower.

Moisturize Well

Sugaring may cause skin dryness. It is thus important to make it a point to moisturize your skin with herbal cream/lotion or natural oils after this procedure. It is important to ensure you do not use strong chemical based lotions for this purpose as they may cause harm.

No Rigorous Exercising

You must avoid rigorous exercising immediately after the sugaring treatment. This is because it can lead to excessive sweating that can cause skin irritation.

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Post bikini sugar wax it is suggested to wear loose fitting clothes for few days so as to avoid any kind of bruises as the skin turns extra sensitive after hair removal. 

Dead Sea Salt Treatment

You may experience ingrown hair post sugaring. In order to prevent this condition, it is suggested to go for the dead sea salt treatment which is quite simple. Just add two-third table spoon of dead sea salt in cold water and mix it well. Next, soak a clean towel in the solution and apply it on the ingrown hair area. It is suggested to leave it on for around 15 minutes to ensure its effectiveness. This procedure should be conducted within 24 to 48 hours of sugaring.

Treat Ingrown Hair

In case, you still notice ingrown hair you can remove it by using a good quality topical gel designed for this very purpose. These gels are easily available at the drug stores.

Do Not Exfoliate

Exfoliating involves rubbing which is a big no at this time. So, you must avoid exfoliating for 24 to 48 hours after sugaring.

Do Not Worry about Redness

You may experience mild redness in sensitive areas such as the bikini line. However, you need not worry about it as it usually heals on its own within a day or two.

So, we see post sugaring skincare is quite an easy task. You just need to follow the few simple steps mentioned above and it is done!