Most of you may know about facial toner from a pretty long time ago. However, that facial toner and the modern-day toner skincare are a lot different. Previously it was used as an acne remover instead it might have gotten rids of few bumps on the skin. But it would also dry out your complexion and stings a lot. Although that was the case about the previous ones, the new ones are more beneficial for the skin.

What Is Skin Toner?
Skin toner is a skincare product that is generally used after washing the face and before using any moisturizer.

At first, the toners were used to balance the pH of the skin, after cleansing the skin with an alkaline soap.
Now, the toners are more gentle and pH balanced than before and evolved into a skincare product. And their previous alcohol content is now replaced with water-based content.

There are a lot of different types of toners available in the market they each provide different benefits.

What Can Toner Do To The Skin?
Skin tuners are an extra layer of skincare that you should use after washing your face. Many times you may not be able to remove all the oil, dust, or leftover makeup from your face just by washing. When that happens the face toner will prep the skin for any moisturizer alongside it will get rid of the things that you could not get rid of by just washing. However, you can not use skin toner instead of washing your face.
Nowadays skin toners have reformed into better skincare products. Alongside its previous role, it also targets different types of skin concerns. It could be either acne, dryness of the skin, or the aging skin.

Some skin toners are a combination of salicylic and glycolic acids which are mostly formulated for oily skins. These toners can keep the oily skin matte throughout the whole day. Some other skin toners contain hydrating ingredients. These toners are best for dry skins. Some of the newer versions of skin toners have some lotion textures or substantial gels.

Who Should Use A Skin Toner?
Anyone can use skin toner for their skin because it has a lot of benefits for the skin it even contains as many benefits as a serum does. However, you have to be careful about what types of toner you are going to use. You have to find a skin toner that compliments your skin type that way you would not have to worry about any side effects.

How To Use Skin Toners?
The use of skin toners is very straightforward. You have to use the toner after washing your face and before using any moisturizer. You need to put a few drops of skin toner on a cotton pad and then rub it in your entire face, neck, and chest. If you are comfortable and want to then you can even use your palm instead of a cotton pad. You just have to drop a few drops of toner in your pul and rum them all over your face and other places. 

If your skin can tolerate the formulation then you can use the toners twice daily. But if your skin gets irritated or dry very easily then you have to try using it once a day. You have to remember that those toners contain some potent ingredients. But you have to be careful that you need to wash your face before applying toners to the skin.

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