All people normally pay attention to what’s going on with their outward appearance. As you get older you've probably noticed some differences in your body or some wrinkles on your face. But what are wrinkles? And where the wrinkles come from? Before you think about wrinkles and how to treat them you need to know what causes them.

What Causes Wrinkles?
The skin is made up of three different layers. The top layer is very thin and it’s is called the epidermis. The middle layer is the biggest layer of the skin and it's called dermis. It is the biggest chunk of what our skin is made out. It’s also got some really good elastic fibers and collagen fibers which help to make our skin soft. The bottom layer of the skin is the hypodermis and it is mostly made up of adipose tissue which is fat and that fat cushioning and protecting. The wrinkles are these creases and folds within the skin that we actually see on that outer layer of the epidermis. Those creases and folds can be caused by different things. 

Four main things cause wrinkles. The first we have is general aging which everyone goes through. The second is repeated facial expressions, and the third is this that we can control - the exposure to UV (Ultraviolet light from the sun).

As we age we think about what’s going on with our skin. Some major things that are happening are in the dermis which is made up of some collagen fibers and elastic fibers. These are broken down and become less stretchy. Also, with age, the skin becomes drier and we lose some of this cushiony fat layer on the bottom. When these things start compressing you may notice some creases and wrinkles.

We mentioned that the second reason is repeated facial expressions. When you do different expressions with your face all the time the facial muscles that are controlling them can cause wrinkles. You may get wrinkles around your eyes or around your mouth, and so on.  
The UV light also leads to premature photoaging of the skin.

HIFU Skin Lifting Treatment
HIFU system stands for the high intensity focused ultrasound which basically means it uses waves that go deep into your skin and give you a more youthful appearance. The technology bypasses the outer layer of the skin and it penetrates three different depths. One of the biggest customer benefits, according to Cambridge Medical Group, is that it helps your body produce collagen. As we mentioned, with age you start producing less and less collagen. The main areas where you can notice saggy skin or wrinkles are your chin, jaw, nasolabial folds, and so on. Those zones are getting deeper with each passing year. HIFU facelift is one of the most effective methods of stimulating collagen production. It can reach to skin tissues and treat them better than any other anti-aging treatments.

Which Areas Can HIFU Treat?
HIFU can treat different areas of your body such as nasolabial folds, hooded eyelids, neck, jawline, midface, forehead, frown lines, eyebrows, crow’s feet, cheeks, sagging jowls, double chins.

Also, HIFU in Singapore is used not only for facelifts but for body contouring and weight loss as well. HIFU energy targets the fat layer to destroy fat cells.
What to expect during a HIFO procedure?

The therapy follows these steps:
Thoroughly cleaning the skin;
Applying gel to treatment areas;
Placing the HIFU device against the skin;
Delivering ultrasound energy to the skin that will stimulate the collagen;
Targeting dermal and subdermal layers;
Using specific heads to target the eye area and to lift the brow;
Removing all gel and applying finished products.

HIFU is a revolutionary alternative to a cosmetic facelift without the need for surgery. It can lift and tone your face, neck, and eyes resulting in dramatic yet natural uplift. HIFU is said to reduce the appearance of aging by 4-8 years in just one treatment.

The Benefits of HIFU
HIFU is a non-surgical non-invasive procedure so you won’t see any scars;
HIFU uses ultrasound waves that revive the skin;
HIFU can treat smaller areas around the eye and the upper brow;
It’s suitable for any age 18 plus;
There is only one treatment procedure needed, so you don’t have to take multiple trips to the clinic;
The treatment is with minimal downtime. In general, you can go back to work the day;
After procedures have been done the process takes less den three months to see the full effects. A large number of people see a difference quickly after the therapy;
It has a well-established safety profile as it is considered a safe procedure for all skin types.

The only side effects that you may have are redness or some flaking on the skin. HIFO is a noninvasive, painless, and quick treatment that can give you a natural and youthful appearance.