The skin is the biggest organ of a human and it was given for the whole life. You are not able to change your skin but you can keep it healthy and good looking with everyday care procedures. A lifestyle, bad habits, nutrition, health, cosmetic products, and even emotional state have a great impact on your skin. But only a complex approach to such an important thing will work and it is not even necessary to spend hours at SPA salons spending thousands of dollars waiting for the result. 

Face Care at Home: Regular Routines

Following some easy steps of facial care regularly at home is much better than visiting a SPA with special treatment procedures once a year. Salon care is an emergency measure to give you a perfect look before a special event but it doesn’t last forever. Everyday home skin care allows you to look good all the time.

There are a couple of the main rules and steps of the facial skincare without leaving home. These tips are suitable for every age and a skin type. Follow all the steps and the result will be noticeable immediately.

Cleansing. It is the first and the most important step in the whole routine. All the makeup and dust from streets should be gently washed off a face with not only water but special face cleansers, foams, and micellar oils. It is better to wash makeup off and then wash a whole face once more. Pay extra attention to eyelashes and brows and wash them with special products too. Such products are gentle and do not sting your eyes.     
Exfoliation. It is not an everyday procedure but it is still necessary. Use scrubs or pilings once or two times a week after a cleanser to peel all the dead cells to make the skin softer and smoother.   
Toner. A good toner helps to soothe the skin, minimize pores and prepare the whole face for the next steps. 
Masks. Face masks were created to get rid of a specific skin problem. It could be redness, extreme dryness or too oily skin. Depending on a mask, you can use it almost every day. Clay masks are great to normalize oily skin but they should be used twice a week.   

Serum. This is a product with a big concentration of useful elements that deeply nourish and moisturize the skin. For extra oily skin, it could be the last step of a routine.  
Cream. Last but not least. Using cream as the last step helps to strengthen all the previous products on the face and it also makes a thin coating to keep the useful elements inside. 

Unfortunately, nowadays women prefer to visit SPA salons once in a while, getting a professional face treatment than to follow some easy regular steps of a home routine. But procedures at home could be as good and professional as salon ones. Simple tips and regular approach will easily make your skin look perfect for a long time compared to the special SPA complex.