Even if you buy all the skincare products in the universe, it is still not that easy to have clear skin. You need the help of proper routine and methods that actually work. We’re going to share with you some essential tricks that you can use to have perfect skin. They include:

Knowing Your Skin Type

Definitely, this thought must have crossed your mind that day you visited a dermatologist to get some advice on your acne problem. Little did you know the specialist was meaning the skin build and its adaptation to certain circumstances and not the complexion as you had thought. 

Once you know if your skin is Oily, Dry, Combination, Resilient (Normal), or Sensitive, you’ll get to understand your skincare needs better. The wrong choice of the products can cause reverse results of your expectations and even trigger conditions like breakouts, irritation, and or premature aging. 

Know How to Layer Your Products

While many think of it comprehensively, the correct skincare routine is very easy to follow. How you layer your products, nonetheless, can have a very big difference as it determines how you get the most out of them. For optimal effectiveness, it’s always good to start by applying the light formulas, then, the heavier creams. After the application, always remember to give the thicker creams time to get absorbed by the skin to ensure uniformity. 

Don’t Overdo

Your skin needs to breathe to maintain its health and also get rid of the toxins in your body. When you apply too much skincare product, you can block the pores, which can cause breakouts and other skin conditions. As such, you have to apply less product that your skin will absorb well without wastage. 

Always Cleanse Twice

Each day, the skin collects a lot of dirt, bacteria, oil, and other pollutants that can instigate the development of undesirable conditions. You have to get rid of them by cleansing at least twice (particularly in the evening) and leave your skin clean. 

Remember To Do a Patch Test

Having a patch test is one of the best and only sure way to determine if a particular skincare formula will cause an allergic inflammation or not. While planning to start using a new product, it’s always good to do this test. This will help save you from using something that will affect your health later on. 

Always Check The Expiry Date.

Of course, they’re not for consumption but who said skincare products don’t have a life span. Nowadays, most of these products comprise recipes from natural, herbal plants and immediately the cans are open, their shelf life begins deteriorating. They begin harboring bacteria which are not just harmful to your skin but your overall health as well. If you have a product you have been using from a day you can’t even remember, dispose of it as soon as possible. Then, get a new can which has a proof of a recent date of manufacture. 

Remember To Wear Your Sunscreen

Exposure to harmful sun rays has severally been linked to skin inflammation and even to some cases of aging. Therefore, if you got sensitive skin or one that is a great rival of the sun, always put on your sunscreen when going out. Since the market is already flooded with them, consider choosing a sunscreen with a 5-star rating and SPF 30 or above. 

Use Masks to Improve Your Skin’s Health.

That’s right. Face masks truly have great significance when it comes to caring for your skin. Particularly the sleeping masks, they help enhance the skin regeneration process which usually takes place at night. Acting as the shield, the masks bars the bacteria and dirt from getting to your skin. 

Nonetheless, you have to make sure the face mask you’re using matches your skin type. 

Switch up Your Skincare Routine Regularly

Although it’s not visible as that of a chameleon, the skin usually changes and conforms to the surrounding environment. Therefore, you have to switch up your skincare routine and not just with the season but with factors like age too. If you notice the old products are not working out for you, you can apply your skin with new, different formulas.

Eat Well, Drink Right

Your body needs to be well-nourished for each of its parts, including the skin, to function properly. As for the skin, eating a healthy diet with plentiful vitamins and minerals keeps your skin in health and shine. Drinking enough water, on the other hand, will help in keeping your skin hydrated.


Exfoliate is another great way of keeping your skin healthy and in perfect condition. The process involves removing the old, dead skin cells on the outermost surface of the skin. Hence, leaving the skin fresher and smoother. Exfoliation can either be physical or chemical but, most of the skincare consultants recommend the latter since it involves dissolving the dead skin cells. On its end, physical exfoliation involves a lot of rubbing and that can damage the skin instead of treating it.

Add Retinol in Your Routine

Retinol is a skin hero that can help your skin in reducing wrinkles and fading the scars. The skincare ingredient is a form of Vitamin A but a lot of people (maybe even you) are usually scared of using it. As long as you know when and how to use it, retinol is an amazing product to having flawless skin. 

Moisturize Your Skin

Even when taking water, it’s important you moisturize your skin at least twice a day. Particularly if you’re prone to skin dryness, consider using a hydrating ingredient like ceramides, glycerin, or hyaluronic acid. 

Leave the Pimples Alone

A lot of people tend to pop a pimple every time they see it. They, certainly, see like it’s ruining their appearance. Little do they realize they’re worsening the state even more as popping that pimple can spread bacteria to other areas. In some cases, breaking a pimple can even leave you with a scar that’ll be even more painful.

Neck Is Also Part of the Face

Of course, not the anatomical build but what others see in you. So, never forget working on your neck as you prepare the face with your favorite skincare product. There’s a special neck cream if you wish to target the neck area but the product you’re using on your face can work as well. 

Well, did our collective wisdom help you in a way? Do you feel you’re now ready to shine your skin like a pro? Share with us in the comment section below. As you do so, though, always remember to choose skincare products that match your type of skin. 

Happy beautifying!!