In the past decade, the number of cosmetic plastic surgeries done in the United States alone had increased by at least 5% with thousands of people wishing to get the surgery yearly. 

With the current advances in technology, it is now possible for one to change how he or she looks in order to feel comfortable with themselves and around others. All you would need to do is know what procedure you need done and find the right kind of specialist to do the job on you. 

Given the fact that plastic surgeries are usually a permanent change, it is important that the person willing to undergo such a procedure be of sound mind and get the best person for the job. Any mistake made can leave you with a lifelong disaster on your body. 

If you are living in Maryland or Virginia, then B.J. Cohen plastic surgeon will most like be the name that pops up in the address book when you are looking for a good plastic surgeon. 

Dr. B.J. Cohen, who is also a member of the Washington plastic surgeon fraternity, is a renowned surgeon from the American Board of plastic surgery. Dr. Cohen, who specializes in cosmetic surgery, is well known by his clients who appreciate him for the proper care that he gives them. 

His offices are made up of state of the art facilities that are meant to ensure the patients get their money’s worth from the life changing risk that they are about to undertake. 
Common Cosmetic Procedures
The United States, according to reports by the American Board of Plastic surgery is amongst the leading nations in terms of plastic surgery where breast augmentation, facial procedures and liposuction are three of the most sought after surgeries. 

Breast Augmentation
This involves procedures meant to increase, reduce or reshape breasts according to a person’s desire. In the US, it is the second most popular form of cosmetic surgery after facial surgeries. The procedure can involve placing prosthetic breasts made from silicon or grafting by using body fats. 

Facial Procedures
Most professionals, including Dr. Cohen, conduct this procedure while the patient is under local anesthesia to avoid any complications during and after surgery. Before undergoing such a procedure, the patient has to be certain of the risk that he or she is taking as well as what they stand to gain or lose. 

Facial procedures can include nose jobs, facelifts, chin augmentation, lip job and other facial manipulation. 

This is a procedure that involves removing excess fat from part of a person’s body to allow for perfect contouring and alignment. There is a limit to which a part of the body can stay without fat, and as such a patient should seek proper guidance before undergoing such a procedure. 

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