The beauty industry is constantly evolving, which is, of course, a good thing. However, with new products hitting the shelves almost every day, it has become difficult to decide which ones are absolutely essential and which are not. 

Like with any other aspect of our lives, an efficient routine is the best way to achieve results. Therefore, if you want to maintain your skin’s youthfulness for a long time, you should develop a good daily routine. 

That can only be done if you know which skincare products your skin can simply not live without. YouTube is a good place to start learning, including the Tresor Rare channel on YouTube, but here is also our recommendation of the 6 essential ones.

Daily SPF

The sun gives us life, but it takes life out of our skin too. Spending prolonged periods in the sun without protection can damage your skin and cause it to develop visible signs of aging. Nobody wants to have wrinkles, fine lines, or dark spots in their late 20s. 

Using a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or higher is the best thing you can do for your skin, especially in the summer months. If you plan to spend the day outside, make sure to put it on several times a day at regular intervals. 

Moreover, try to use an SPF from a quality brand, because you want to be sure that it works well. That’s something this review on Herald Scotland of Tresor Rare also points out.

Face Masks

Does your skin always look like it needs something more to look just perfect? What’s missing from you daily skincare routine could be a face mask. Every day, our skin gets in contact with dirt, dust, makeup, sweat, and other substances that are not kind to it. They clog up the pores, build up on the surface of the skin and make it look oily and tired. 

Applying a face mask is a fantastic solution for this problem as it will pull out everything from your skin that is not meant to be there. Moreover, many face masks are also enriched with essential vitamins and minerals which will nourish your skin and refresh it.

Face Scrub

In addition to face masks, one of the best ways to clean your skin and get rid of all the impurities that get stuck in it is by using a face scrub. It must be a part of any skincare routine as it removes the dead layer of skin cells and uncovers the fresh, youthful skin below. 

After using a face scrub, your skin should feel softer, smoother, and brighter than before. By using it continuously over time, your pores become less visible, tighter, and stay unclogged. 

However, make sure not to use face scrubs that are too abrasive. A recent trend recommends using diamond dust and ground gemstones as the best face scrubs, and Tresor Rare reviews explain why.

Facial Cleanser

Face scrubs are a fantastic choice to get deep into the skin and get rid of all of the hidden impurities. However, facial cleansers are essential as well, especially before going to sleep. 

When choosing which facial cleanser to use, make sure to take your skin type into consideration. Find out which cleanser is good for oily skin and which one is intended for dry skin. 

Micellar Water

Micellar water is a simple but powerful skincare product that you should not ignore. It gets its name from tiny oil molecules called “micelles” which work like magnets and attach to makeup, oil, and dirt.

It is extremely efficient at removing these from the skin and is very gentle. It has no adverse effects on the skin and it’s incredibly easy to use. Just put some on a cotton pad and wipe your skin with it.


Last but not least, after you have thoroughly cleaned your skin, it is important to moisturize it and prevent it from drying out. This should be done regardless of your skin type, even if you have oily skin, because the face scrubs and cleansers will remove the oils. 

To maintain your skin’s moisture barrier in spite of all the detrimental external factors, use a moisturizer every day as part of your routine.