When you’re looking for the best dentists in the Jacksonville area, it’s important to know that you’re getting the care you need, as well as feel like part of the family. In thig guide, we’ll tell you how to find the best Jacksonville dentist, and hopefully give you some insight so you can get the best dental care possible.

What Service Do You Need?
When you’re trying to get a dentist appointment, a first consult is usually the main step that you want to take initiative on first. This can determine what your future or present needs are when it comes to dental care, and further visits and appointments will come after this. Whether it’s a routine checkup, a cleaning, tooth extraction, fillings and crowns, or something else, you will call the office and go in, then get assessed and normally have X-ray’s taken. 

Once this step is complete, you can decide on whether you will continue to go there, and what for. If you need an emergency visit, then you need to state that when you’re going to make your appointment as well. Explain your reason (chipped tooth, broken tooth, bad toothache due to severe infection, etc.)

What Services Do the Best Dentists in Jacksonville Have?
Some dentists like the best in Jacksonville offer Botox injections that can help your mouth to relax and appear more natural around your teeth. This is crucial because sometimes when you have things like dentures or implants, your mouth can form around them, but develop tense sections of your mouth and jaw that can cause problems, as well as even help relieve headaches, and even facial aches.

Aside from this, these dentists also offer veneers, implants, and other dental surgeries that are both basic and complex. If there’s something that they aren’t suited for, they’ll give you the referral that you need in order to get the proper work done.

What About A Whiter Smile?
Dentists at office like Farnham Dentistry in Jacksonville FL offer a complex Zoom! Teeth whitening professionally done with Hollywood quality by lightening your teeth up to 6 shades whiter within an hour. By using the trays, they give for you, they can give you the whitening that gives you fast results that would normally take you weeks anywhere else. Not only that, but they have a special program that allows you to get whitening gel free at every appointment to keep your teeth bright so with their customized whitening trays, you can continuously keep them white when you’re not at the office.

Farnham Dentistry provides a family atmosphere and is one of the primary premier dentist offices in Jacksonville, FL. Dr. Ian Mackenzie has been running the practice that his mother and father started in 1983, and has continued to follow in his parents footsteps, and since has made the dentist office one of the best in the Jacksonville area. 

While many other general practitioners of dentistry were busy getting their degree, Dr. MacK as they call him has been taking time to get all of his certifications, licenses, and degrees, and has been volunteering in South and Central America since he was younger. He also does volunteer work at the Sulzbacher center in Jacksonville and participates in the AACD “Give Back a Smile” program that helps to restore smiles to people who’ve suffered from domestic abuse.