Stress and anxiety has become a constant in this considerably competitive world we live in. And the first victim of the effects of these problems is your face. You start seeing wrinkles and fines lines develop, then after that, crow's feet start to form besides your eyes, and suddenly start looking older than you should. And nobody likes that, which is why Botox is the cosmetic treatment of choice millions of women all over the world go for. 

Botox in Bangkok has become quite popular in the past couple of decades with many women undergoing the treatment while coming to Thailand to enjoy their holidays or attend business conferences. 

Thailand is a major hub for affordable and reliable medical tourism, and many people enjoy getting their Botox treatments at reasonable rates. However, the difference in price is not that much to justify specifically coming to Thailand for the treatment. However, if you plan a trip to the beautiful island country anyways, it is wise to get the procedure done at reputable clinic and save some money along the way. 

How Much Will The Treatment Cost?
The clinician will be able to tell you the exact amount of fillers in Bangkok. They will first make an assessment and identify how much Botox units your procedure requires. But because the overall raw materials and Botox products are cheap in Thailand, you will still be able to save money regardless of many units you need. A short price comparison can give you clear idea of just how much you will be spending on an average compared to Australia and New Zealand. 

In Australia, the average cost of one unit of Botox is AUD $20. The price in New Zealand is NZD $22. In contrast, you will be paying AUD $17 / NZD $18 for the same amount in Bangkok. Nevertheless, before doing anything, it is critical to discuss the pros and cons of the procedure and ask the clinician about different procedures or if you could augment the treatment by getting fillers for other parts of your body.
Why The Price Difference?
If you are concerned that there may be hidden costs involved or if you are going to eventually settle for low quality procedures, do not worry. The fact of the matter is the operational and administrative costs of running a cosmetic clinic in Thailand is not that high. Especially if you compare it with first-world countries like Australia and New Zealand, where the cost of capital and labour is quite high. Plus, clinics in Thailand do not have worry about red tape policies or strict business regulations driving up their costs. All this is to encourage the tourism industry growth and promote friendly competition. The goal of such destinations has always been to attract people from throughout the world and motivate them to get world-class yet affordable Botox treatments in Thailand at lower costs. And it has worked brilliantly.

Top Level Botox Facilities 
There are plenty of cosmetic clinics throughout Bangkok. However, it is crucial for you to go for the best of the best. Luckily, some of the most reputed clinics in the city are also near popular tourist landmarks. Three names that you should consider are:

MedConsult International Clinic
KTOP Clinic
Natchaya Clinic 

Rest assured all these clinics have state-of-the-art equipment and some of the best clinicians to ensure quality care and safe treatment. 

Overall, Botox in Bangkok is all about convenience, affordability and reliability. Do not waste your money at local clinics. If you are coming to Thailand, get the procedure done there for less.