You know that exciting feeling when you find the perfect beauty product or skincare range, and you can’t keep the information all to yourself? Each one of the ingredients on this list has caused a positive buzz in social media circles. Some have even got the youth-obsessed celebs in Hollywood talking about how wonderful the products are. 

We always love to share good news, so without further chitchat, here are the most exciting beauty products and ingredients to try out in 2019.


Natural ingredients are cropping up in cosmetics and skincare products all over the world. 2018 saw the addition of broccoli seed extract and raspberry seed oil to many creams and moisturizers. Now kiwi is taking over.

The reason kiwi is seen as a potent skin nourisher is because of its high concentration of vitamin C. When included in beauty formulations, it leads to brighter skin, less hyperpigmentation, and antioxidant protection. Remember to read the ingredient list on any beauty products you purchase this year to see if they have kiwi as an ingredient.

Plant Stem Cells

The addition of natural organic plant stem cells into skincare products has Hollywood celebrities talking about how miraculously it heals skin damage caused by sun exposure. The higher the concentration of this ingredient in the product, the better the short- and long-term effects.

Plant stem cell-based formulas target the regenerative cells in the dermis and epidermis. It prevents signs of aging and renews the skin’s vitality. You can read more about the lasting effects of plant stem cell products at Adore Cosmetics Reviews.

Thermal Water

Thermal spring water is a skincare essential this year. Users of this ingredient are very excited about its proven effectiveness against combating dehydration in the skin when used in addition to beauty products as a spray-on spritzer. Please note: You spray it on, you don’t drink it.

Thermal spring water contains exceptional levels of selenium, an ingredient that has prebiotic benefits (it nurtures the good bacteria on the skin that keep it healthy and protected). Selenium has a similar function to vitamin E; it reduces inflammation and locks in skin moisture by protecting the skin cells from dehydrating. You will soon see thermal spring water as an ingredient in toners and micellar water beauty products.

Anti-Aging Treatments for Hands

The hands are sometimes the most neglected parts of the body when it comes to beauty. This is true the world over. Many celebrities in the spotlight find this one of the most challenging areas to cheat the signs of aging. Some even resort to painful Botox or filler injections into the hands to halt the aging process.

Beauty products manufacturers and developers have listened to these concerns and made 2019 the year of anti-aging treatments for hands. As we age, the fat from the back of our hands is lost. This causes the veins to become more prominent. Hand creams have been developed to counteract this sign of aging, and also eliminate liver spots and dryness.

Try some of these exciting ingredients and beauty products in 2019 to get your skin in the best condition ever.