Are you thinking about enhancing your appearance using plastic surgery? There are several procedures done by plastic surgeons such as Roxanne Grawe which will make you look more voluptuous, thinner and younger. 

You might be having a part of your body which you believe needs some improvement and one way to go about it is by use of plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery includes surgical procedures such as tummy tucks, facelifts, as well as nonsurgical procedures like Botox injections and chemical peels from the face. 

How common is cosmetic plastic surgery?

According to the 2012 research by the American Society for Plastic Surgeons, a lot is spent by the Americans to do plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures ranging from liposuction to Microdermabrasion. The top surgery procedures that most patients go for include:

Breast augmentation: It involves enlarging or evening out the size of the breast.
Nose reshaping: At times referred to as rhinoplasty, which involves altering the flare, the line or the shape of the nose.
Eyelid or Blepharoplasty surgery: Which involves lifting up the sagging eyelids
Liposuction: Which involves removal of fats from specific areas of the body
Facelift or rhytidectomy: Which involves removing and redraping of excess facial skin so that you have a more youthful look.

How is the process of having cosmetic plastic surgery?

Choose a plastic surgeon: After you are through with deciding which body part you want to perform plastic surgery on, you will need to look for a plastic surgeon. There will be a need to do your research and ask those around you who have once done a plastic surgery for a referral. Ensure that the plastic surgeon you get is satisfied by the Board of Medical Specialists. 
Have expectations that are realistic: Once you decide on the plastic surgeon to perform your procedure, you will need to schedule an appointment so that you are able to discuss your expectations and the options available.  You will need to be in good health and have realistic expectations. If you will decide to go ahead with the surgery, there are instructions which you will be given by your plastic surgeon before and after the procedure is done. 
No smoking before going for your cosmetic surgery: Although as a smoker, you can go ahead and have your cosmetic surgery, there are some procedures for which the surgeon will advise you to stop smoking. As a smoker, you cannot be a good candidate for facelifts and tummy tucks. 

Remember that, smoking is responsible for the fast aging process. There are several fine lines and wrinkles which are formed by the continued action of the facial muscles which act on the overlying skin. When the muscles contract, there is creasing of the skin over it and in the process, wrinkles are formed. When you repetitively pursue your lips through smoking, it contributes to the formation of fine lines around your mouth. 

Limit sun exposure after surgery: After surgery, you will have to change your habits of tanning in the sun due to the fact that, the scar tissue, even if it is from a tiny incision, will not turn evenly with the rest of the skin.