A widow’s peak is considered one of the most popular haircuts in men. Widow’s peak on men is described as a V-shaped hairline at the center of the forehead. It is formed at the middle of the forehead which is the point of intersection on the forehead. There are mainly two options available for people having a widow’s peak. Either they can hide it well or they can highlight it to be unique. 

Now let’s check out some of the best haircuts for widow’s peak on men:

1. The Undercut is quite stylish and requires regular maintenance of hairs for spectacular results. People with short sides usually go for a slicked-back undercut which gives a fine symmetrical style to the peak.

2. A short scissor cut looks ravishing on those who have highly pointed widow’s peak. Men can also keep a well-framed beard in order to provide a fantastic look to the face. Also, they can keep this haircut for a casual and classic frame for the face.

3. Pompadour is another kind of widow’s peak haircut that can be easily recognized on the face. It is regarded as all-time favorites among men as it goes with any of the shapes of the face and makes your face look more greaser, classic and marvelous. It also requires high maintenance like undercut. If you want to opt for one of those retro styles, then you must go for a pompadour and pair it with a jacket and cuffed jeans.

4. Buzz cut usually goes for the men of mid-’30s. It provides a defined edge to your hairline giving a perfect traditional look to the peak. The best part of opting a buzz cut is that it is quite easy to maintain and needs less time for rearranging the widow’s peak. The buzz cut is categorized into further three types: The Crew Cut, The Induction Cut, and The Traditional Army Style Haircut.

5. Drop fade haircut is one of the versatile haircuts for widow’s peak on men. It goes well with all kinds of hair types and face shapes and gives a unique serious look to your face. It does not requires much maintenance and gives a royal dimensional frame to the hairs.

6. Shaved widow's peak is the most trendy haircut for tattoo artists and musicians. This haircut goes well for the people who have an oval-shaped face and long straight hairs. This haircut consists of complete shaving on the sides with combed slick hair in the middle. It is a perfect blend of seamless hairs with buzzed sides.

7. Slicked back widow’s peak is one of the hottest haircuts for men. This haircut is suitable for those people who have more hair growth on the top. It requires high maintenance and regular brushing for the slick in order to give a shiny finish to the hairs.

8. Hard Side Part haircut is regarded as the sexiest modern variation to the classic haircut. People with a widow’s peak prefer to style these side parted hairs with a clean shave or a W-shaped beard. It requires regular combing on the top with a little shiny gel to give a fabulous finishing to the entire look of the face.

Thus, there is no such particular widow’s peak haircut for men that is perfect for all types of hairs and face shapes. Moreover, there is a wide variety of options available for short, long and curly hairs. Each haircut has a unique style and looks so defining the best frame for a man with widow’s peak would be unfair for the rest of the styles.