Activated actinera black charcoal has become part of our beauty routine, and for good reason! Charcoal is a natural component that has many exceptional virtues for the beauty of our skin. Focus on this trendy ingredient and the different ways to use it.

Black coal, what is it?

Active plant charcoal is a substance with the appearance of a black powder. It is normal coal that has been "activated" with oxidizing gases, such as steam, and this at very high temperatures. This increases the absorption capacity of coal and thus, makes it more efficient than the classic anthrax version.

Activated charcoal is made from substances such as wood, bones, coconut shells, peat, charcoal and sawdust (from any organic material rich in carbon).

How to use black coal?

Actinera Activated charcoal is mainly used in liquid products: Cleaners, scrubbing gels, soaps, scrubs and purifying masks.

But the charcoal can also be declined in other forms: cleaning brushes, facial konjac sponges soaked in charcoal, or even in the form of a cotton swab.

Activated black charcoal: For what type of skin?

Oily skin and combination skin

Charcoal is the "must-have" of combination skin or oily skin. It helps to fight against clogged pores and the development of bacteria caused by excess sebum. Thanks to its strong absorption capacity, the charcoal will allow to "mop up" the sebum and clean the pores in depth by ridding it of toxins that attack the skin on a daily basis.

Skin with imperfections of the skin: acne, small pimples, comedowns

Coal is a natural ingredient that traps toxins and destroys bacteria. It has absorbing qualities that have the power to rid the skin of toxins but also to purify and regenerate. It is strongly recommended for skin prone to acne and small pimples.

Skin prone to external aggressions

Smokers and people living in urban areas are also advised to use activated carbon cosmetics. This natural ingredient will allow you to deep clean skin and get rid of toxins that attack your skin.

Mature skins

Activated charcoal is also a great ally against skin aging thanks to its antioxidant properties. The charcoal acts as a barrier to free radicals. It allows the skin to detoxify and regenerate naturally. Charcoal is an excellent natural ingredient that helps reduce and prevent wrinkles and fine lines naturally.

What are the other benefits of black coal?

Lose weight with black coal

The charcoal has a phenomenal absorbency to purify the body and reduce the inflammation and intestinal gas that result. It is also recommended to fight against bloating. This is an effective method to deflate the stomach and find a flat stomach. It may be that coal becomes your best ally to complete your slimming routine.

For some time, more and more women have adopted this remedy for the thousand virtues to make their best ally slimming / detox by sprinkling a little coal in their drinks and dishes. It is also possible that charcoal helps destock fat and limit lipid intake.

To whiten teeth with black coal

After coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, tooth whitening kits ... place activated charcoal to whiten your teeth! Coal is indeed the most popular ingredient of the moment to find white and shiny teeth. It is composed of particles that rub the enamel of the teeth and absorb the substances responsible for the stains (coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, colored food.

Our selection of cosmetics based on black coal

Many brands have incorporated actinera black charcoal into their cosmetic products to perfect their formulation.

Black charcoal soap: Actinera charcoal soap is super grass soap with activated charcoal and essential oils of Atlas cedar. It is gentle and nourishing for the skin.

Black Charcoal Mask: The Charcoal Mask comes in the form of a cloth mask to apply to the face. It reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, purifies the skin and gets rid of impurities.

Black coal scrub: This Actinera charcoal scrub is enriched with plant-based charcoal. It is used as a cleanser, exfoliator and mask to clean the skin and reduce the appearance of blackheads.

Is black coal dangerous for our skin?

Black coal is a component used in many cosmetic products. It is an excellent ingredient of natural origin.

However, it is recommended not to buy any black coal product. It is very important to rely on the labels and to check where the product comes from. Too much use can destroy the epidermis barrier that protects us from microbes.

And you, did you know the virtues of activated black coal? Do you have other beauty tips to fight imperfections and have a beautiful skin? Please visit our web page for more beauty product Actinera.