Waxing is arguably the best way to remove hair, and some might even say that it is the only way you should. This means many prefer waxing over other forms of hair removal because of its many benefits and advantages. For a successful waxing business, there are a few things you need to consider to provide your clients with an unforgettable experience. You need professional waxing supplies and a dedicated and hygienic staff that will maintain and help you expand your customer base. If you are interested in growing your waxing business, your primary focus should always be on your clients and how to give them outstanding service. Not only will they come back, but they will also recommend you to other people, and isn’t that what you want? 


This might just be the most critical part of running your waxing business. Clients feel safe when they are being waxed by a clean person, in a disinfected waxing room with a sterile, professional waxing kit. One hint to help create a good first impression is to paint your waxing room with bright colors that are easy on the eye to give clients the impression that your waxing room is sparkling clean. 

Another important thing you should consider for better hygienic practices is using wooden applicators. They are cleaner than other applicators as wooden applicator are thrown away after each client. If you are not using disposable tools, it is important to sterilize everything that requires sterilization before waxing your next client. Keep your trash bins as small and empty as possible by emptying them after one or two clients. Most importantly, use professional waxing supplies to provide an outstanding experience for your clients.

Your hands are also a very important part of this process, even though they will be under gloves. Make sure to wash them before and after each procedure to get rid of bacteria that can be harmful to you and your client. As an aesthetician, your main goal should be providing a pleasant waxing environment using highly sanitized tools and methods to avoid complications and diseases. 

How to Treat First Time Clients

The hardest part about maintaining a spa business is getting your first-time clients to book with you again. You have heard that first impressions matter and that is particularly true when it comes to waxing salons. Waxing a client for the first time is like going to an interview in which there are only two options: you will either get the job or never get a callback.

The first thing you should do with every new client is to take them through all the procedures you offer and how each one is done. You can even suggest that on waxing days, the new client should arrive early so that you can make them feel comfortable and familiarize them with the process. Remind the client how long their hair has to be before being waxed, and tell them the duration in which their skin will remain hairless. Educate them about skin care and how your spa can help with post wax procedures. 

Clients love a personalized experience. But, what does that really mean? It means that that must handle the client from their point of view and not yours. Answer their questions in a personal manner that will make them feel heard and considered. Hair removal wax differs from one procedure to another, and it’s essential that you make your client understand this. Ask your client questions to determine which products to use and which to avoid. Clients feel much safer when you show interest in them, and it will also reassure them that you know what you are doing which will make them feel safer in your hands. A thorough Q&A session with a new client ensures that you give them excellent service that will make them come back again for a second treatment.

How to Choose Which Wax to Use

Some waxes are more painful than others which means every time you perform a procedure you must listen to the client’s feedback and take it into consideration. Other types of wax take longer to stick to the body which means you have to waste layers of it to wax a particular area. There are other types of wax that do not even get rid of the hair roots. This is why it is crucial to use professional waxing supplies that will not irritate your client’s skin or annoy you in the process. Using low-quality waxes is the fastest way to keep clients away from your spa.

These professional tips will assist you with each client whether they are first timers or regulars. With waxing, you can never be too careful or too hygienic. There are constantly new waxing trends, and it is essential for your business that you keep up-to-date with these trends to provide the best services whether that means changing to a better hair removal wax or implementing a new type of procedure.