We are back with yet another interesting topic for those glamsham lovers! Yeah, isn’t it exciting that you carry yourselves with different looks according to the season? Like a wardrobe requires a total shift during different seasons so do your makeup too. Can you agree any less on this? Carrying yourselves according to the seasons can be quite happening. This article would help you in getting those perfect, yet cute makeup looks according to the seasons.

Come on! Let us quickly get going to know some of the best and simple things to be done to make you look a doll!
1.    Summer Makeup tricks
Dermaplane your skin
Some of the topmost celebrity makeup artists take a sharp-edged tool and scrape off the top layer of the skin to create a perfect look for summer. Well, you have to be extremely careful while choosing a tool to perform this technique at home. If you aren’t comfortable or confident, you could always seek assistance from artists who are brilliant in achieving those simple makeup looks. This is a form of exfoliation and helps in removing the flaky skin easily.

Avoid heavy makeup
Though it is your wedding or any other party getting those wedding makeup looks perfect during summers can be quite a task. The heat of the sun can make it extremely difficult to carry yourselves correctly without letting them smudge and smearing all over the face due to sweat. Hence, going light does many wonders during the summer season.

Avoid moisturizer
Although keeping your skin hydrated at all times is an important step to achieve it is recommended that you avoid moisturizer during summers as it can make the makeup greasy. However, if you are in for a tinted moisturizer, take a little of it and blend it well with a foundation to create that perfect summer look.

Love your lips more in summer
Yes, we mean it! With the days being longer during the summer season, the scorching sun can kiss your lips entirely sometimes leaving you colorless. Hence, using bold lipsticks can help you in remaining fresh and bright for long hours.

Time to carry those tanned looks
Help yourselves with a generous amount of bronzer. This is the time of the year where you can afford to carry those tanned looks without any guilt. To deepen your complexion, you can go crazy with bronzers.

Waterproof cosmetics
Of course, it isn't raining cats and dogs outside yet; the sweat can make your makeup smudge and smear all over the face. Hence, investing in waterproof cosmetics is mandatory during summers. Therefore, investing in that waterproof mascara and eyeliner can help you get out of the world eye makeup looks during this time of the year.

Now, after summer of course when winter is around the corner, you must quickly make those changes in giving yourself the best bridal makeup looks, and if you end up following the same process as summer, it can turn out be a disastrous one. Let’s quickly check some easy, but great tips which can be used during winters to get those gold makeup looks work for you!

2. Winter Makeup Tricks
Time for some smokey eye makeup
This is the time of the year where you end up feeling dull and gloomy. To bring that special magnetism, let's quickly follow the art of smokey eye makeup tutorial. Use darker shades of eyeshadows and blend them well. In contrast, using a bright colored lipstick can make you create those celebrity looks.

Dewy skin
Summers are perfect for this kind of skin but to create a little change, this type of skin can be created during winters as well. Giving your skin a natural glow can be a better choice than making it patchy and cakey, isn’t it?

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Draw attention to just your eyes
Creating drama around your eyes can be a perfect makeup during winters. By keeping your skin wholly hydrated and moisturized use some brown shades and shimmers to create the best makeup looks for winters. Along with this, you can also work on your eyebrows and eyelashes to make your eye makeup looks even expressive.

Try the colored eyeliners
Winters can keep your makeup intact, and the colors look gorgeous during this time of the season. Hence, moving away from mundane blacks and grays can add much charisma to the overall looks. Try some colored eyeliners and mascara during winters on your eyes. This way your natural eye makeup would radiate amidst the colors, and nothing can beat this look!

Little is too much
In winters, you can save much money on bronzers because a slight sweep of the bronzer over your cheeks can make you achieve that new blush quickly. It's good to pick a creamy blusher, and this can create a glamorous look for the evening parties.

Time for some nail art
This time of seasons calls for frequent visits to Spa and beauty salons. Hit the spas, get a manicure and flaunt your nail with some lovely nail art by using a palette of colors gullibly.

Neutral shades are the best
Know that winter is not the season to make you look plastic; it is a beautiful season to show the natural you. Hence, go light on the base, foundation and also the powder. Use them in the required quantities to get the best natural look from within.

Skin is equally important
Keeping the skin intact and well-maintained is as important as choosing the makeup products during winter. With all these tips on makeup, it is also quite essential to cleanse your face frequently to avoid dryness of the skin. Along with this, coating with a protective layer and getting a makeup setting spray does positively contribute to the best looks!

Now, it’s time to try these Fabulive eye makeup tips and techniques and let us know your experiences, give yourself that soft glowing touch during winters and match it with some lovely pastel colored clothes and flaunt around.