People who have problems with their teeth don’t feel comfortable seeing perfect smiles with perfect teeth everywhere. Some parents see this problem and ask their kids when they’re young if they want braces (of course, if they have the money to do so). Some kids say yes, some say no. The thing is that, when you’re an adult, you don’t really like the idea of braces anymore. There aren’t many people who want this as an adult, but teenagers can think the same, too. 

Thanks to Invisalign, people don’t have to worry about walking around and people seeing them with metal on their teeth. Of course, they need to take care of their Invisalign braces and their effectiveness. Your doctor will tell you a lot of details about this, even some tips on how to make your life easier while having Invisalign braces. We are also writing this article to give you sometimes – it never hurt anyone to know some more info. Family Braces Calgary can help you even more in this matter.

You’ll get more attachments than the commercial shows
We all know how commercials are. They’re going to show you the best outcome in absolutely all of their advertising and marketing pieces, but that doesn’t mean that it’s entirely the truth. You should expect more attachments on your teeth than those people show you in these commercials. 

There aren’t many orthodontists who will tell you that you can get from two to 20 attachments on your teeth. However, thanks to Invisalign, they’re not going to be some colored things that get stuck on your teeth and make your smile groovy.

Just keep in mind that the initial procedure can take more than two attachments.

You should keep them in for about 22 hours a day
Your Invisalign braces will help you a lot, and to get the best results, you need to keep them on your teeth for at least 22 hours each day. It’s advisable to keep them all day long if possible, actually. However, you might want to take them away when you’re eating so you can keep them clean and also protect them. But it’s been proven that 22 hours are enough to change the way your teeth look as fast as it could. 

You should give up lipstick and lipgloss
We have bad news for all of the women around the world who got Invisalign and love wearing lipgloss or lipstick. The thing is that some women think they can get away with it and still wear color on their lips. However, the substances can get on the Invisalignand that’s when it will hit you ‘I have something on my teeth’.You won’t have to worry about the color being on your Invisalign if you’d just give it up until you get rid of it.