The 12 fitness types according to the Zodiac

Each one of us has experienced a phase in life when we decide to start exercising, maybe even start to – but somehow this plan scatters after a few days or weeks. You lack motivation, and every time you try hard to motivate yourself – somehow you find yourself giving up and not reaching the goal you have set just a while ago. 

No matter how much you blame yourself and your character for this kind of attitude towards fitness and its importance for a healthy body and mind, interestingly enough, the reasons for this kind of behavior don’t lie in your genes or your current mood. It’s the choice of the fitness routine that can be often mistaken as the true one. 

But what makes some fitness routine better than another? The answer is very simple and fun, it is actually: the Zodiac. Astrology and the characteristics of each of the twelve signs of the Zodiac define the exact types of fitness personalities and the easiest way of reaching a healthy body and great looking figure by following the advice of the best world astrologists. 

Here are the Zodiac-defined traits for each Zodiac sign that ultimately define us and help us find the fitness routine that fits us best: 


Strong and always full of energy – the Aries requires training where it will spend that energy and show how strong they are. Boxing is your ideal sport for this reason.


You're simply created for running. For you, simplicity and convenience are a common motive for everyone, so this reason makes running as a training routine simply perfect for you.


As communicative as you are - team sports are ideal for you, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Handball, whatever you choose, the results will become visible fast enough.


You are not for social sports and running with a large group of people. You can have your ideal training at home in your four walls. 


Challenges keep you motivated, especially when you have to show yourself to someone. CrossFit or some similar training is perfect for you. 


You are sensitive and you do not like expose yourself a lot. Strenght exercises with that will bring your muscles to perfection is what you should aspire to.


You do not like to be alone, so it's hard for you to go out to run or anywhere else in training. Find your partner fitness partner and go along to the ideal body.


Scorpions are brave, passionate and stubborn and love unconventional sports. Skydiving, Marathon Running, whichever seems strange enough, you should go for it. 


As you love to travel and constantly explore something new, hiking is a real sport for you. It has everything you love, and it keeps your body at an enviable level.


Discipline, responsibility, and strength - a Capricorn has it all, and never gives up. Try cycling and some extreme variations that will show you your boundaries.


The Aquarius loves to socialize, so they come across sports or training that have many people with whom they can talk. That's why it is an ideal group training for you in aerobics, Pilates or some modern dance that can be as effective as strength training.


The Zodiac is pretty clear when it comes to Pisces: This water sign needs water to keep up the fitness motivation up and the body well-toned and healthy. Swimming is the thing any Pisces should consider, any time this is possible. 

Now that it is proven that the Zodiac can help you get rid of your excess pounds and keep you on track, start the fitness routine that best fits your sign: today. Have fun!