Every spa has different services to offer their clients to help them feel pampered and beautiful—many businesses will impress with their unique facial ingredients, their specific massage techniques and their luxurious facilities. 

Although all of these qualities are important, there are three beauty services that every single spa should have available to their customers. To entice new clients and appeal to high demand, businesses should offer lash extensions, microblading, and brow and lash tinting to their list of treatments.

1. Lash Extensions
Long lashes have always been an envied facial feature, which is why lash extensions are a beauty service in popular demand. Instead of letting your clientele put on fake eyelashes every single day, give them a fantastic and long-lasting solution. Help your customers by letting them get high quality lash extensions any time they walk through the front doors of your spa—as long as your staff is trained in the service, the customers will be absolutely mesmerized with the results. The staff can be expertly trained and certified by taking a classic lash extension course that involves live model demonstrations and exams. They can take a training course courtesy of the beauty industry leader Lashforever Canada to give their clients the lashes that they have been dreaming about.

2. Microblading
Microblading is technically a form of permanent makeup where a technician tattoos intricate blades of hair into their client’s brow-line. The technique is perfect for clients that have little or no visible brow hair due to over-plucking, over-waxing, genetics or medical conditions like alopecia. This service can aid so many potential clients and give them long-lasting results— results from microbladed brows last for a very long time, with the blades fading after one to three years after application. By the end of the appointment, customers will have full and perfectly-shaped brows similar to celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Lily Collins and Emilia Clarke.

3. Brow And Lash Tinting
If spas can offer services where they can change the colour of their customers’ hair, they can offer services where they change the colour of their brows and lashes. Many people will want brow and lash tinting because their natural brows and lashes are incredibly fair and they are tired of using makeup to get them to be visible from far away. Customers will completely forget about penciling their brows and coating their lashes with mascara if their favourite salon gives them this simple long-term solution.

If spas really want to appeal to their customer-base or even draw in more clients, they should add lash extensions, microblading, and brow and lash tinting to their list of services. These wonderful beauty services accommodate customer needs and give them long-lasting solutions that they will believe are worth the high price-tags. These three services will also leave clients so impressed that they will surely stay to see what other beauty treatments the spa can offer.