Do you have excessively dry hair that’s prone to breakage and impossible to style? Don’t worry, you are definitely not alone. Many women across the globe share this common hair problem. While some find a solution by undergoing expensive hair treatments most end up damaging their hair by using harmful chemical-laden products. 

There are many hair treatments that promise to rectify your damaged hair by making it smoother and manageable. However, it’s best to set a realistic expectation and avoid quick fixes. 

Before you look for a solution, it’s a good idea to identify the factors that cause hair damage. Excessive exposure to sun, chemical-laden hair care products and pollution can cause severe hair damage. The lack of proper nutrition  can also be a cause for dullness and brittle hair. This is why if your hair becomes dry and frizzy you need to look for hair products that supply the required nutrients to your hair strands to repair the damage.

Hair is primarily made up of a fibrous protein called keratin. Keratin, in its raw form, is a hard substance that protects the hair from damage. This is why keratin deficiency can leave your hair strands exposed to the elements and cause serious damage. However, directly applying a good quality keratin based product can replenish the natural keratin balance.

The first trick to achieving moisturized and healthy hair is by using keratin shampoo and keratin conditioner regularly. There are more than a few keratin products out there that promise amazing results. However, if you want to achieve quick and long-lasting results, we recommend Keranique® Volumizing Keratin Conditioner

What Makes Keranique® Volumizing Keratin Conditioner Different From Other Keratin Conditioners?

Many keratin conditioners do a good job at helping you achieve beautiful, straighter, and smoother hair. However, Keranique® Volumizing Keratin Conditioner is more than just a regular keratin-based product. It delivers the proper nourishment to repair hair damage as well as adds volume. It’s guaranteed to improve hair density while repairing damages and reducing frizz. This light gel conditioner does not weigh down your hair like traditional heavy conditioners do. 

Keranique® Volumizing Keratin Conditioner has Keratin Amino Complex that reaches each hair strands to nourish from root to tip. It also reduces breakage, frizz, and split ends by repairing the hair cuticles. 

Key Benefits of Using Keranique® Volumizing Keratin Conditioner

By using the Keranique® Volumizing Keratin Conditioner every day you would notice visible results, fast. Following are some of the benefits you can expect after regular application. 

•    Adds volume to your hair.
•    No greasy or heavy feeling.
•    Smoother, tangle-free, and manageable hair. 
•    Reduces hair fall and breakage.
•    Protects your hair from UV rays and pollutants.